Tree Service near Willow Grove


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Storm debris clean up 24 hours a day from Rick's Tree Service, serving the Delaware Valley & Philadelphia with affordable and reliable tree services.

PHONE: 866.245.2828


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Tree Service near Willow Grove

  1. 1. Rick's Tree Service Tree Service near Willow Grove
  2. 2. Welcome to Rick's Tree Service! Our reputation of quality & integrity make up the foundation of our business model. Our commitment to technology and our devotion to customer service sets us apart from our competition!
  3. 3. Complete tree removal In some cases, it may be necessary for complete tree removal to be done. This is done for trees that are so tall or so widely spread that they become a hazard. This would be trees that are close to roads or over buildings and that would cause injury or damage to property if they were loosened or brought down such as by heavy rain or storms.
  4. 4. Trees can also be brought down to clear the way for construction of homes or commercial buildings. Tree removal experts are often called in to collaborate with contractors when they are clearing ground ahead of the start of construction. A particular tree may also be brought down in order to make way for one of a different specimen to be planted for the ecological benefits it can offer a particular area. Another reason that trees may be brought down is to clear additional land for pastures. This would be on a farm or ranch where cattle and other animals are reared for meat and milk. Tree removal experts know how to navigate their way around tall trees, randomly spread branches and dangerous areas such as branches that are decayed. They also know how to safely work their way around utility lines with live wires.
  5. 5. Timber sale You may be sitting on some cash right on your backyard and not be aware of it. Tree fellers can come in, look at the trees you have on your compound or farm, evaluate them and give you a quote for the value of the timber that can be extracted from your tree. This is typically done for fairly large tracts of land of at least 10 acres. The precise acre requirements may vary from country to county. It is also done on land where there are hardwood trees such as walnut, cherry, poplar and oak trees that are upright, in good health and that are on land where equipment can easily get through for felling.
  6. 6. Tree Services
  7. 7. Storm debris clean-up 24 hours a day from Rick's Tree Service, serving the Delaware Valley & Philadelphia with affordable and reliable tree services. PHONE: 866.245.2828 Website:
  8. 8. Tree Service near Willow Grove