Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall


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Storm debris clean up 24 hours a day from Rick's Tree Service, serving the Delaware Valley & Philadelphia with affordable and reliable tree services.

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Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall

  1. 1. RICK'S TREE SERVICE WWW.RICKSTREESERVICE.COM Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall
  2. 2. During the season of fall, trees still need to be cared for. They need to be prepared for winter and the colder weather ahead. Fall is also a great time to get trees pruned and cleaned up. Here are ten tips for caring for trees in the fall. 1. Fall is actually a great time to plant trees in your backyard. The reasons why fall is great for planting is that the weather usually stays mild and has adequate rainfall to make the roots develop. Also, trees that are planted in the early fall tend to establish stronger roots which make then more able to withstand the cold winter.
  3. 3. 2. Young trees need to be staked or wrapped in the fall time to prevent them from being damaged in the harsh winter. Staking and wrapping the trunk of a young tree will help provide support against harsh winds and snow. Use two or thee evenly spaced stakes to stake the young tree. Purchase special tree wrap from your local nursery. 3. Cutting and pruning your trees is vital in the fall. Any tree branches that hang over your house should be trimmed and pruned back in the fall. This is especially true if you live in a climate where it snows a lot and you can get ice often. The weight of the snow and ice can bring down weak tree branches and cause them to put a hole in your house.
  4. 4. 4. Look for any tree branches that hang over any live wires around your house. Fall is a great time to call out a professional tree removal company to remove any trees or branches that may fall on live wires during the winter. Prevention is key. 5. Inspect your trees for any rot or dead limbs during the fall. Remove any dead trees that you find in your backyard. Get rid of unhealthy trees before winter, as this is the time that trees will most often fall over.
  5. 5. 6. While inspecting your trees in your backyard, look for any bug infestations also. If you find a bad bug infestation, you may need to remove the tree altogether. Otherwise, use pesticides that are safe on the tree to get rid of bug infestations. 7. Young trees and newly planted trees still need to be watered throughout the fall. This helps promote their root growth and will help them to grow stronger to survive the winter months ahead. 8. Use the fall time to fertilize your trees in your backyard one last time. Make sure that you use fertilizer that does not have a lot of nitrogen in it. If you do use a fertilizer with a lot of nitrogen, you may get new growth on the tree and that is the opposite of what you want.
  6. 6. 9. Make sure that the mulch under your trees is the proper height. It should only be approximately 2 inches thick. If you need more soil underneath, add more nutrient rich soil to the land. Having too much mulch can actually inhibit the tree's growth in the spring. 10. If you have a tree that loses it's leaves in the fall, then make sure that you clean up and rake your leaves often. If you leave the dead leaves around the tree all winter, the tree may die as the roots may be smothered.
  7. 7. Storm debris clean up 24 hours a day from Rick's Tree Service, serving the Delaware Valley & Philadelphia with affordable and reliable tree services. PHONE: 866.245.2828 Info@RicksTreeService.com Website: www.rickstreeservice.com
  8. 8. Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall| Rick’s Tree Service