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Blinq vision, strategy, & tactics presentation


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Ideas to enhance and the Blinq marketplace stores.

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Blinq vision, strategy, & tactics presentation

  1. 1. vision, strategy, & tactics For 2014 and beyond 1
  2. 2. Site Enhancement Roadmap Ideas This document is intended to give you a sampling of ideas for the business. Think of it as a “menu”, from which you can pick and choose. These ideas were generated from an outsider's perspective, so, some of these ideas may not work for or the blinq marketplaces; we can brainstorm together to modify them. Of course, you’ll have many of your own ideas that we’ll add to the list. Our ideas together can form an evolving roadmap / project list. Each idea is written with the ultimate goals of strengthening the Blinq brand and the user experience, in order to funnel more future customers to These ideas are presented in no particular order of importance. Rick Wingender 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents Topic PayPal & Bill Me Later Amazon Strategy Marketplaces Social Sign-In Social Media Strategy Email & Content Marketing Email Signup Checkout Process Improvements BlinqTV on Roku Other Ideas Loyalty / Rewards Program Shortlist Enhancement Trust Marks Sales Tax Collection Low Price Promise Page Cooperative Marketing Partnerships User Experience Feedback Program Open Box Deals Merchandising Miscellaneous Ideas Page 4 9 17 22 29 44 48 52 57 62 63 65 66 67 68 69 70 72 73-74 3
  4. 4. PayPal & Bill Me Later PayPal & Bill Me Later 4
  5. 5. PayPal & Bill Me Later “Right now, 87% of PayPal buyers on are new customers. It’s incredible – of all our payment options, PayPal has attracted the highest number of new customers.” Carl Fiorentino, President, According to a blind buyer survey, 21% of PayPal online shoppers at the following retailers would not have made their purchase unless PayPal was an option. Merchant Customers Who Purchased Only Because PayPal Was Available Ralph Lauren 23% Dell 14% 1-800-Flowers 22% Toys R’ Us 26% Sharper Image 20% eBags 20% Barnes & Nobles 25% 5
  6. 6. PayPal & Bill Me Later PayPal ROI Estimate Worst Case GROSS Internet Revenue: (12/16/06--12/16/07) Return Rate: NET Internet Revenue: Expected Revenue Lift from PayPal: NET Revenue Lift Through PayPal: Gross Margin $ Lift ( @40% GM ) $ Current Average Order Value: Expected Increase in AOV of PayPal Users Expected AOV from Paypal Users Current # of Annual Orders (NET): Expected # of Orders from PayPal Users (NET): $ % of PayPal Sales that are from NEW customers: Total NET Revenue Lift Through PayPal NET Revenue from NEW PayPal Customers: Expected Transactions from NEW PayPal Customers: Incremental Revenue from EXISTING Customers: Expected AOV from PayPal Users: PayPal Orders from Existing Customers: % of PayPal Customers that are Existing Cust. Lift in AOV of existing customers due to PayPal Use: Paypal Expenses: Dev Expenses Transaction Expenses: ($0.10 per transaction) Transaction Expenses: (1.55% of transaction amount) Total Paypal Expenses Expected Case Best Case Savings on Transaction Expenses: Current Transaction (Interchange) Expenses Net Transaction (Interchange) Savings: Savings on Fraud Expenses: Current Fraud Expense (.15% to sales) Estimated Paypal Fraud Expense (.05% to sales) Net Fraud Expense Savings Return on Investment ($$) $ 83.41 $ 0% 83.41 1,075,137 38,705 83.41 $ 3% 85.91 1,075,137 104,382 83.41 29% 107.60 1,075,137 116,682 5% 3,228,295 161,415 $ 1,935 20% 8,967,486 1,793,497 $ 20,876 33% 12,554,481 4,142,979 38,505 3,066,880 $ 83.41 36,770 95% - 7,173,989 $ 85.91 83,506 80% 2.50 8,411,502 107.60 78,177 67% 24.19 $ 3,870 50,039 53,909 $ 10,438 138,996 149,434 11,668 $ 194,594 206,263 198,181 48,747 277,454 71,191 13,451 4,484 8,967 18,832 6,277 12,554 3,248,960 $ 121,931,286 26% 89,674,863 14.0% 12,554,481 5,021,792 4,842 1,614 3,228 $ 121,931,286 $ 26% 89,674,863 10.0% 8,967,486 3,586,995 71,345 17,436 $ 121,931,286 $ 26% 89,674,863 3.6% 3,228,295 1,291,318 9,025,201 12,638,227 3,228,295 $ 8,967,486 $ 12,554,481 1.Calculate TOTAL SALES through the alternative payment source. (This is New and Existing customer usage) Next 2 steps: Determine w hat is Incremental. Typical Lift = 3.6% per PP Rep. Probably much higher (demograpic!) Guesstimate…intentionally conservative. Net PayPal Rev / Expected AOV from PP users. This ROI model was created by Rick and vetted by PayPal and JTV’s finance team. 2.Determine new custom er sales (New customers using the alternative payment source). (Net Rev Lift thru PP - Net Rev from NEW PP customers) 3.Determine the Revenue from the higher AOV of Existing Custom ers now using PayPal (compared w ith users of non-alternative payment sources) Could be paid for by PayPal. 0.10 Based on Gross transactions, including cancels 1.6% Based on Gross transactions, including cancels (current rates applied to expected PayPal transactions) The expected case model proved to be very close to actual results. PayPal eventually increased JTV’s online revenue by >8%. I would be surprised to see a lift of less than 5% for (Check) (Given Analyst Data below:) Current Gross Annual Web Sales: Current Annual COGS: (Gross) Current GM $ Gross Margin % Current Annual Web Orders (Gross, not including Cancels): Current Average Order Value: Current Annual Returns: Current Return Rate: Current Net Annual Web Sales: Current NET GM$ $ $ $ $ $ $ 121,931,286 65,180,384 56,750,902 47% 1,461,868 83.41 32,256,423 26% 89,674,863 41,737,683 $ $ $ $ $ $ 121,931,286 65,180,384 56,750,902 47% 1,461,868 83.41 32,256,423 26% 89,674,863 41,737,683 $ $ $ $ $ $ 121,931,286 65,180,384 56,750,902 47% 1,461,868 83.41 32,256,423 26% 89,674,863 41,737,683 6
  7. 7. PayPal & Bill Me Later Q: I’ve heard the integration of these tools is a challenge. Isn’t that true? A: Integration is not a cakewalk — it involves one of the most sensitive parts of your site and will require significant IT bandwidth (often several weeks of a FTE’s time). However, this is also the rare case of an initiative with empirical evidence that supports customer acquisition, even more so than improvements such as on-site search or A/B testing. --Sucharita Mulpuru, Forrester Research Presentation          We implemented PayPal at Jewelry Television with great results. Awareness of PayPal with online shoppers is nearly 100%. PayPal improved our credibility. We saw significant incremental Customers (>30% of our PayPal customers were new-to-file). We received many new customer email addresses. In-cart conversion rate of 80% bested non-PayPal transactions (51%) Revenue increased due to existing customers having higher AOVs on subsequent purchases. Revenue increased due to new customers. Various studies show (as do results) that PayPal customers spend more money online, and have higher AOVs. Transactions are virtually riskless – PayPal’s antifraud team protects both sellers and buyers. PayPal transaction reconciliation will require additional work for accounting team.    Bill Me Later financing gives another tool to convert customers. These transactions will have higher AOVs. Integration is the same as PayPal. 7
  8. 8. PayPal & Bill Me Later PayPal and Bill Me Later each have their own shopping portals and store directories – which can be listed in, and receive traffic from. 8
  9. 9. Amazon Strategy Amazon Strategy 9
  10. 10. Amazon Strategy 1. 2. 3. 4. Enhance the Amazon Strategy: A. Engage in the Amazon FBA program; B. Add Amazon Payments to the checkout; C. Add Amazon Social Login; D. Test the Amazon PPC program; There are synergies to be gained by implementing all of these; participation in each of these improves our positioning in (Amazon’s) search results, as well as our probability of being promoted in Amazon’s marketing. Amazon store + FBA allows Blinq to take advantage of Amazon Prime. Lastly – is Blinq utilizing Amazon repricing tools? If not, I would begin testing this asap. Mercent Channel Advisor Appeagle Marketplace Price Optimizer; separate product (not integrated like Channel Advisor) Must be a Channel Advisor Marketplaces customer. $25/month (reprice up to 2500 listings/hour); $50/month (reprice up to 5000 listings/hour). Supports Amazon, eBay, & Rakuten; & Amazon FBA. Monsoon Commerce Not a pure repricer; an order management system that works with Amazon, ebay, and Rakuten. RepriceIt Only works with Amazon & FBA; Basic+ $16.95/month; Merchant $24.95/month. Feedvisor Must contact Feedvisor for a quote. Wisepricer $249/month for low-end "Pro" plan. Teikametrics "Intelligent Reactive Repricing™ (IRR)"; no pricing given. 10
  11. 11. Amazon Strategy 1. Why FBA? To help sales on Amazon through better placement in search results and more appeal to Amazon Prime customers. 2. To act as a hedge against inclement weather in Maryland (they can ship our orders if we can’t. They can also ship orders from other channels). 3. Possibly save money on shipping expense (we only pay for shipping to Amazon, using their UPS account). 4. To provide faster shipping to customers. 5. We send product to designated Amazon fulfillment centers (FCs). 6. Amazon picks, packs, and ships orders. 7. Our listings are shown more prominently to Amazon customers – especially Amazon Prime customers. We will win the Buy Box more frequently. 8. Amazon handles returns. 9. Total Amazon profitability model becomes somewhat complex when FBA is added. 10. I have created financial models for FBA in the past; I can adapt one for 11. More information: In a Q3 2012 survey of FBA sellers, 91% of the respondents reported that their unit sales increased on since joining FBA. 11
  12. 12. Amazon Strategy | Payments & Social Login 12
  13. 13. Amazon Strategy | Payments & Social Login  Amazon has more than 200 million customer accounts; many of these customers will not purchase on the web using any other pay type or site.  Improves our chances of getting into Amazon’s promotional emails or offsite seller listings.  More info:  Also consider: because of the additional pay options that it provides. The next two slides show the current cart and a mockup of the cart with Amazon Payments and PayPal added as options. 13
  14. 14. Amazon Strategy | Payments & Social Login 14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Amazon Strategy Test the Amazon PPC program. 16
  17. 17. Marketplaces Marketplaces 17
  18. 18. Marketplaces Recommend testing new marketplaces, specifically and These two marketplaces feature large customer bases and fit Blinq’s categories well. These customer bases may not be reached through eBay and Amazon. Average Unique % of Unique % of Unique % of Visitors Total Forecast** Visitors Total Forecast** Visitors Total Forecast** Amazon 128,903,291 49.0% $ 100,000 78,703,887 45.8% $ 100,000 103,803,589 47.7% $ 100,000 eBay 83,490,836 31.7% 64,770 67,674,898 39.4% 85,987 75,582,867 34.8% 72,813 22,799,142 8.7% 17,687 10,102,581 5.9% 12,836 16,450,862 7.6% 15,848 Sears 21,707,769 8.3% 16,840 10,396,393 6.1% 13,210 16,052,081 7.4% 15,464 Newegg 3,438,879 1.3% 2,668 3,597,017 2.1% 4,570 3,517,948 1.6% 3,389 1,367,607 0.5% 1,061 925,085 0.5% 1,175 1,146,346 0.5% 1,104 1,405,680 0.5% 1,090 410,434 0.2% 521 908,057 0.4% 875 263,113,204 100.0% $ 204,116.75 171,810,295 100.0% $ 218,300 217,461,750 100.0% $ 209,493 ** Forecast: If Amazon sales = $100,000, this column forecasts sales on the other marketplaces, based purely on comparative unique visitor traffic. Comscore July 2013 110,028,000 71,924,000 NA NA NA NA NA The "point" of this slide is two-fold: A) To set appropriate expectations before engaging in new marketplaces; and B) to compare current results to expectations. Expected revenue of other marketplaces, if Amazon sales = $100,000/month. 18
  19. 19. Marketplace Commissions Comparison Amazon Progra m Fees ? $39/Month Li s ti ng Fees ? None eBay See note #4 $0.20 / $0.10 / $0.05 Sears Best Buy Rakuten $39.99/Month NA None None NA 3 None Newegg OneStopPlus None None Category Fees: Acces s ori es Appl i a nce Appa rel Arts & Cra fts Auto & Ha rdwa re Ba by Ba gs & Lugga ge Bea uty Books , Medi a & Enterta i nment 1,2 Ca mera & Photo Cel l Phone Acces s ori es Computer Ha rdwa re Cons umer El ectroni cs DVD & Vi deos 1,2 Hea l th & Pers ona l ca re Home & Li vi ng Home Improvement Jewel ry Motorcycl es & Powers ports Mus i ca l Ins truments Offi ce Suppl i es 15% < $100; For mos t (15% < $100 + 8% ca tegori es : > $100) 10% of the tota l a mount of the 15% s a l e (i ncl udi ng 15% s hi ppi ng, but 15% not ta xes ). Fees a re 12% di fferent for 15% motor vehi cl es , 15% rea l es ta te, 15% a nd s ome bus i nes s / 15% i ndus tri a l 8% ca tegori es . 15% Thes e fees do 6% NOT i ncl ude your Pa yPa l 8% fees , nor a ny of 15% a myri a d of 15% opti ona l 15% monthl y s ubs cri pti on 12% fees or 20% opti ona l l i s ti ng 12% enha ncement 15% fees . 15% Outdoor & Ga rden 15% Pet Suppl i es 15% 15% Softwa re 12% 14.50% 14% Yes 13% 15% 15% 10% 12% 14% Yes 14.50% 12% Yes 14.50% 15% 14.50% 14.50% 13% 7% 9% 13% 7% 7.75% 7% 7.75% 9% 14.50% 10% 15% 14.50% 12% 15% 14.50% 12% 10% Yes 12% 20% 14.50% 12% 11.50% 10% 11.50% 11.50% 13% 17% 14.50% 12% 14.50% Yes 10% 15% 11% 15% Sea s ona l 14% 15% Commission expense for Sears’ marketplace is on par with Amazon’s; while Newegg’s is about 2% less, on average. 17% 1 9.75% 15% Sports Goods 15% 15% 14.50% 12% Toys Ga mes & Hobbi es 15% 15% 14.5% / 9.75% 12% Unl ocked Cel l Phones 8% Vi deo Ga me Cons ol es 15% 1 8% 8% 8% 8% Wa rra nty & Servi ce Wa tches Other 13% 15%<$800; (15% + 12%>$800) 15% 15% 12% 14.50% 13% 19
  20. 20. Marketplace Opportunities “Newegg affords us the opportunity to reach a new audience base, five million new [email] subscribers to be exact. We're already seeing great results, especially from participating in Newegg's Guerilla Deals where sales from our featured item surpassed $33,000 in 48 hours. Channel Advisor made it incredibly easy for us to ramp up and get going on Newegg, and we look forward to continued success in the marketplace." Blinq Link: Listings (11/10/2013) Ratings (12 Months) Rating Unique Visitors Amazon 1788 6454 4.7 / 5.0 103,803,589 eBay 3054 43,810 99.4% 75,582,867 Sears 0 1 16,052,081 Best Buy 386 68 4.01 / 5.0 16,450,862 Rakuten 1275 745 4.26 / 5.0 1,146,346 2 Newegg 0 3,517,948 OneStopPlus 0 908,057 Pixmania 0 NA  There are many tactics we can use to increase our sales on Amazon (previously outlined). One more: Add more listings.  We need to improve our rating scores on Best Buy, Rakuten, and Amazon. We should challenge negative feedback ratings whenever possible. 1 2 3 Walmart has a marketplace; it's not ready for primetime! 20
  21. 21. Marketplace Opportunities eBay Giving Works: Consider seeding a few listings that include charitable contributions. For example: “A portion of this sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society”.  I’ve found that items in our eBay store tend to sell better with this promotion. It may be part of eBay’s search algorithm.  It's good for reputation and public perception. Great for promoting in social media.  We might also be able to get some valuable links from it, from the beneficiaries.  Of course, I would submit test & track the impact on a ongoing basis. 21
  22. 22. Social Sign-In Social Sign-In 22
  23. 23. Social Sign-In Add social login capability to the login page & pop-up div Social login is a particularly useful plugin, one that saves your users from having to remember yet another password. With the average user keeping track of 25 accounts, it’s also a very compelling solution. Social login is simple for users and gives useful data to developers. Customers may hesitate to create a new account on your site, but almost all of them already have Social accounts like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn... Advantages of social login Studies have shown that web site registration forms are inefficient as many people provide false data, forget their login information for the site or simply decline to register in the first place. A study conducted during in 2011 by Janrain and Blue Research found that 77 percent of consumers favored social login as a means of authentication over more traditional online registration methods. The Social Login Buttons let customers create an account on the site with the information already stored in their existing social networking accounts. AddShoppers reads the data from whatever profile the customer is logging in with and appropriately populates the form fields. This feature enables ecommerce merchants to allow logins and acquire user details from users’ Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, and Paypal profiles. The Social Shopper Login also makes sharing favorite items much easier, since the user is already signed in. And that sign-in affords additional valuable information to the retailer, from the customer’s birthday to his or her likes and interests. I like the AddShoppers product because it’s one of the few I’ve seen that offers Amazon – which is huge. Janrain is another. Wordpress does not. While you could, in theory, have up to 30 different social logins, I would limit it to 4 or 5 at the most. Otherwise, the page will look like a NASCAR race car; and, all those buttons could actually cause confusion (“which one did I use last time I was on this site?”). 23
  24. 24. Social Sign-In Add social login capability to the login page & pop-up div Additional benefits: • Targeted Content - Websites can obtain a profile and social graph data in order to target personalized content to the user. This includes information such as name, email, hometown, interests, activities and friends. • Multiple Identities - Users can log in to websites with multiple social identities allowing them to better control their online identity. • Registration Data - Many websites use the profile data returned from social login instead of having users manually enter their PII (Personally Identifiable Information) into web forms. This can potentially speed up the registration or sign-up process. • Pre-Validated Email - Identity providers who support email such as Google and Yahoo! can return the user’s email address to the 3rd party website preventing the user from supplying a fabricated email address during the registration process. • Account linking - Because social login can be used for authentication, many websites allow legacy users to link pre-existing site account with their social login account without forcing re-registration. • Provider Guide (User Profile Data returned) • • The next four slides show the current sign-in page and popup div; and mockup of the same with social sign-in added as options. 24
  25. 25. Social Sign-In 25
  26. 26. Social Sign-In 26
  27. 27. Social Sign-In 27
  28. 28. Social Sign-In 28
  29. 29. Social Media Strategy 29
  30. 30. Social Media Strategy / Current Situation     No posts since Jan. 31. No responses to customers’ posts. Cover photo (Banner image) missing. 1497 “likes”  Rick can fix all of this! Within the first 30 days, I will:  Create a social strategy  Create a social editorial calendar  Create automated/scheduled posts across all social media sites (to ensure freshness)  Create cover photos and a cover photo rotation schedule.  Begin tracking social KPIs  Begin using social to promote 30
  31. 31. Social Media / First 90 Days Social media marketing / First 90 Days A. Review all current sites. Are we on all appropriate sites? Are all pages "fully" built out? (Google+? Pinterest? YouTube?) (Fix the FB timeline image!) What tools are we using? (Hootsuite?) B. Create a editorial content calendar/schedule, with a "proper mix" of non-business and promotional content. C. Automate much of the content. D. What are we measuring? Do we have a KPI plan? (if not, add to "Marketing Scorecard" KPI report discussed later). E. Do we have / need a Social Media "Community Manager"? (yes, to handle postings, chat support, and more) F. Create a blog, if one doesn't already exist, as a subdomain of I'd create a Blog & social media landing page that features the Twitter and Facebook timeline feeds, and our blog. G. Humanize the company. A. Sign FB & Google+ posts with a name; B. Take & post pix of employees working; C. Take & post pix of employees NOT working. D. Invest in "cause marketing". Susan G. Koman? Animal adoption (SPCA)? Alzheimer's research? Incredible for improving post virality and brand-image. 31
  32. 32. Social Media Content Planning Calendar Social Marketing Editorial Content Planning Calendar Sunday Tuesday Mo t iv a t io na l Mo nda y q uo t es 0 Tr iv ia Tues da y s 0 0 Motivational Monday Tweet & Re-post to Facebook Post Patriotic Picture, Video, or Quote to Twitter and Facebook 6 7 Motivational Monday Tweet & Re-post to Facebook Post Patriotic Picture, Video, or Quote to Twitter and Facebook 12 13 Post Patriotic Picture, Video, or Quote to Twitter and Facebook 19 20 Martin Luther King Jr Motivational Monday Tweet & Re-post to Facebook Post Patriotic Picture, Video, or Quote to Twitter and Facebook 26 27 Motivational Monday Tweet & Re-post to Facebook Post Patriotic Picture, Video, or Quote to Twitter and Facebook Pr o duct Spo t l ight W ednes da y 1 New Years Day Thursday Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 8 15 22 9 16 23 Choose a New or Profitable Tweet a Trivia Question; AutoProduct. Post it on Pinterest. forward to Facebook; Post Answer Theme: Forward it to Facebook & Google + on Trivia Page Page . **Link to YouTube if a product Promotional Offer: Also autoforward to DPP LinkedIn Page Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 28 29 Saturday Funny Fr ida y pix a nd Video s St a r W a r s Sa t ur da y s 3 4 Post funny picture or YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter Post cool Star Wars-related picture, poster, video, or merchandise to Pinterest Collection, publicize on Facebook. Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 Choose a New or Profitable Tweet a Trivia Question; AutoProduct. Post it on Pinterest. forward to Facebook; Post Answer Theme: Forward it to Facebook & Google + on Trivia Page Page . **Link to YouTube if a product Promotional Offer: Also autoforward to DPP LinkedIn Page Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 21 Friday Ema il 2 Choose a New or Profitable Tweet a Trivia Question; AutoProduct. Post it on Pinterest. forward to Facebook; Post Answer Theme: Forward it to Facebook & Google + on Trivia Page Page . **Link to YouTube if a product Promotional Offer: Also autoforward to DPP LinkedIn Page Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 14 Motivational Monday Tweet & Re-post to Facebook Wednesday Choose a New or Profitable Tweet a Trivia Question; AutoProduct. Post it on Pinterest. forward to Facebook; Post Answer Theme: Forward it to Facebook & Google + on Trivia Page Page . **Link to YouTube if a product Promotional Offer: Also autoforward to DPP LinkedIn Page 5 J a n u a r y 2 0 14 Monday 30 Choose a New or Profitable Tweet a Trivia Question; AutoProduct. Post it on Pinterest. forward to Facebook; Post Answer Theme: Forward it to Facebook & Google + on Trivia Page Page . **Link to YouTube if a product Promotional Offer: Also autoforward to DPP LinkedIn Page Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 Product Spotlight: Item ABC123 10 Save the Eagles Day Post funny picture or YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter 17 Ben Franklin's Birthday Post funny picture or YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter 24 Post funny picture or YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter 31 Post funny picture or YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter 11 Post cool Star Wars-related picture, poster, video, or merchandise to Pinterest Collection, publicize on Facebook. 18 Post cool Star Wars-related picture, poster, video, or merchandise to Pinterest Collection, publicize on Facebook. 25 Post cool Star Wars-related picture, poster, video, or merchandise to Pinterest Collection, publicize on Facebook. 0 Post cool Star Wars-related picture, poster, video, or merchandise to Pinterest Collection, publicize on Facebook. Follow company pages of industry peers, partners, customers, and prospects. Commenting, liking, and sharing of updates from these sources can get your company immediately on the radar around the most relevant conversations that arealready taking place. Remember to use FAB statements in posts! Remind our own employees to engage in our FB posts! 32
  33. 33. Sample Cover Image Ideas for Blinq’s Facebook Page 33
  34. 34. Sample Cover Image Ideas for Blinq’s Facebook Page Making Christmas Merrier 34
  35. 35. Social Media Strategy / Sweepstakes     Part of the Social Media strategy Use Facebook and the homepage to run more sweepstakes / contests. Great way to generate more interaction, increase our “Likes” count, and to collect valuable email addresses. Resources: • Wishpond ( • Offerpop ( • WooBox ( eepstakes) 35
  36. 36. Social Media Strategy / Humanize     Part of the Social Media strategy Sign FB & Google+ posts with a name; Take & post pix of employees working (customers LOVE to put a face to a name); Take & post pix of employees NOT working. 36
  37. 37. Social Media Strategy / Cause Marketing  Cause marketing should be part of the Social Media strategy  Incredible for improving post virality  Helps build the blinq brand.  Can be tied into Social, Email, and homepage messaging.  Can also work well on the eBay store (but expensive).  Limitless beneficiaries: Susan G. Koman? Animal adoption (SPCA)? Make-a-Wish Foundation? Alzheimer's research?  Resources:  arketingforum  See also:  See also: 37
  38. 38. Social Media Strategy / YouTube 1. 2. 3. 4. Create a YouTube channel for Facebook. Create a YouTube channel: A. Create YouTube videos with reviews or ads of popular items. Integrate these into Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ content. B. Create YouTube videos with tech tips, incorporate these into the blog and other social sites. C. Begin using YouTube advertising? Incorporate YouTube videos (if and when appropriate) on product details pages. Use YouTube videos as part of the “humanize the company” philosophy. 1. The next slide shows an example of how JC Penney does this. 2. The subsequent slide shows how a channel could look. 38
  39. 39. Social Media Strategy / YouTube 39
  40. 40. Social Media Strategy / YouTube 40
  41. 41. Product Detail Page Sharing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Part of the social strategy. Discounts promote Sharing From Product Detail Pages. Change the “Share” button action to offer 10% discount codes to customers when they share a page with their friends on FB/Twitter (do more than share). Need a mechanism to prevent discounting of low-margin items (share only). Many sites are already doing this; see images below. 41
  42. 42. Product Detail Page Sharing Test moving the share icons to under the “add to cart” button, and add icons for email, pinterest, and Google+ See next slide for proposed test locations. 42
  43. 43. Product Detail Page Sharing Share this item and save 5% 43
  44. 44. Email & Content Marketing Email & Content Marketing 44
  45. 45. Email & Content Marketing • • • • • • • • Content marketing Part of our email marketing strategy at JTV. Helped improve open rates Helped improve customer loyalty and engagement Customers looked forward to receiving this email; practically zero unsub requests. Blinq could do something similar, using curated (& attributed) reviews of products we sell. Create landing page & content area for these reviews & buying guides. Ideally, all promotional emails will have some useful content. 45
  46. 46. Email & Content Marketing • • • • • • BlinqDeals! (or “DailySteal”?) Similar program was part of our email marketing strategy at JTV (“Today’s Best Value”) Helped improve open rates Helped improve customer loyalty and engagement Support with Twitter tweets and FB posts. Create BlinqDeals landing page and merchandise it each day. 46
  47. 47. Email & Content Marketing Email Marketing Calendar Week # 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 1. 2. Date Topic or Featured Brand Fuel Pumps Subject Line (A Test) Big Savings for our Email Subcribers This Week. Big Savings For Our Diesel Performance Customers Big Discounts for our Facebook Fans This Week Like us on Facebook, Get a Discount! Big Savings This Week on All Fuel Pumps! I will review past promotional emails & brainstorm improvements through a technique I call “on the wall”. Begin working with Campaign Monitor to develop and test email marketing plan (content, promos, scheduling/frequency, etc) 1. Develop efficient/effective email templates. 2. Implement email subscription center, with user-definable preferences, including product preferences. 3. Review and improve our transactional emails. 4. Implement Email Marketing Calendar, which includes subject line A/B testing, promo code tracking, performance reviews, etc. (This calendar is part of the overall marketing & promotions calendar). 5. LEN( ) 48 49 45 37 41 0 0 0 Subject Line (B Test) LEN( ) Huge Savings for our Email Subcribers This Week. 49 Huge Savings For Our Diesel Performance Customers 50 Huge Discounts for our Facebook Fans This Week 47 Like DPPI on Facebook & Earn Big Savings! 42 0 0 0 0 3. 4. Promo Code(s) Create TBV (Today's Best Value) or “BlinqDeals” flash Sale Email program / segment. Add Email subscription link/signup box to the "Thank You" page. These customers are usually pretty excited about you at this point, so I would make sure to have links for email subscriptions as well as Facebook / Twitter. I'd want to have a Share link here, so I can tell the world what I just bought. 47
  48. 48. Easy Email Signup 1. 2. 3. 4. Add a form to allow people to sign up for promotional emails on the global header, and in several other locations also. Entering their email address should take them to a “subscription center” page, thanking them, asking for further optional information, and giving them a discount code. Eddie Bauer does a great job: They have a link in their global header, and a larger form at the bottom of the HP. The following pages show several slightly different examples. 48
  49. 49. Easy Email Signup 49
  50. 50. Easy Email Signup 50
  51. 51. Easy Email Signup 51
  52. 52. Checkout Process Improvements Checkout Process Improvements 52
  53. 53. Checkout Process Improvements This icon (on our homepage) leads to the above information (hosted on Add ShopRunner as a shipping option.  Helps compete with Amazon Prime; and drives New Customer Acquisition (NCA).  Gain exposure to ShopRunner's customers (on their site, emails, FB, etc); creates links back to  Requires 2-day fulfillment.  Easier customer checkout process (2-clicks).  Revenue-sharing financial model (3-4% of sales).  Provides free shipping and free returns to these customers - which we can promote.  Just signed AmEx partnership; 40 million cardholders get free membership.  See presentation for more details. Also see these videos: • • mBnekMo&feature=c4overview&list=UUj3FeEimLyMIjV0RbjKVhn w • 53
  54. 54. Checkout Process Improvements 54
  55. 55. Checkout Process Improvements Additional Alternative Payment Methods    Consider Cardinal Centinel®, from Cardinal Commerce, because of the additional payment options and exposure that can provide. Aside from Trust Logos, adding more payment methods is another way to enhance consumer trust; And, we may benefit from each payment company's own promotional marketing. Get all of the payment brands your Customers want with  the only all-in-one payment platform. It allows you to integrate one, two, or as many pay types as you want – by integrating only with Cardinal, instead of each separate pay type. I researched this by speaking to people at and; they both had good things to say about the Cardinal product. 55
  56. 56. Checkout Process Improvements Order Confirmation (“Thank You”) Page and Order Confirmation (“Thank You”) Transactional Email Add marketing calls-to-action;  Social “Like / Follow” icons;  Subscribe to email newsletter / promo alerts  Survey Link.  Cross-merchandising: show three products related to the original purchase, or three other “great values”.  Give them another reason to come back, or to promote the site with their friends/family. Call it a "friends and family" coupon code - a one-time use discount code for use on Or, if you'd rather not do discounts, then use this space to let them enter into a sweepstakes/drawing.  Note: The same items should be added to Shipping Confirmation emails, which should also include tracking numbers (if they currently do not). Packing Slip enhancements Review the current content. What is it promoting? It should:  Promote the loyalty program.  Promote the social media sites, especially Facebook.  Encourage customers to sign up for promotional emails, if they haven't already.  Provide a promo discount code they can share with friends.  Add “Thank You!” and "post-sale congratulations“ messaging, in order to prevent buyer's remorse and prevent returns. This is a proven technique. Simply have a line of text that says something like: "Congratulations! You saved 53% on the Verbatim flash drive that you just bought - you are a very smart shopper!"  Ask them to return to the site and leave product ratings/reviews. That will generate more sales for this particular item. 56
  57. 57. BlinqTV on Roku BlinqTV on Roku 57
  58. 58. BlinqTV on Roku Create a ROKU channel, "BlinqTV", as a low-cost way to build the brand and drive traffic to The channel would include subchannels for each product category, and show the bestsellers from these categories. It would include pictures and a short 360o video clip, with someone reading a short description voiceover. Product selection would be very minimal, since you can’t transact on Roku. The idea is to create consumer awareness of Blinq, and drive traffic to 58
  59. 59. BlinqTV on Roku I led the product development effort at Jewelry Television to create our Roku channel, which features a feed of the live show. The black box to the right is supposed to be the live feed, but it was down when I took this photo. 59
  60. 60. BlinqTV on Roku Real Roku Screenshots 60
  61. 61. BlinqTV on Roku BlinqTV Screenshots: 1) Roku Menu; 2) Blinq “homepage”; 3) category page; 4) product detail page 1 BlinqTV 2 BlinqTV Just In Popular Computers & Office Electronics Home Fashion Toys & Baby Everything Else 3 BlinqTV 4 Product Spotlight 61
  62. 62. Other Ideas 62
  63. 63. Rewards / Loyalty Program According to Inc., it costs a business about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one -- and on average those current customers of yours spend 67% more than a new one. I'd look at ways to create a points-based loyalty program to drive customer retention and new customer acquisition. Some Benefits  Accumulated points give customers reasons to return, and gives us another weapon to compete with Amazon Prime.  Can improve the effectiveness of inventory clearance promotions.  Can improve conversion rates by reducing shopping cart abandonment.  Gives customers a reason to buy from our website, versus marketplace sites, thus saving on commission expense.  A loyalty program can have multiple levels. For example, a “BlinqRewards Gold” member could receive free or reduced shipping on returns and/or upgraded shipping. Examples of customer activities that can earn points:     Creating a Blinq account. Making a purchase. A referred customer makes a purchase. Get X points for buying an item from us on Amazon; but 2X points for buying that same item from  For writing a review on an item you purchased.  Like our Facebook page.  Various other actions. 63
  64. 64. Rewards / Loyalty Program Some loyalty program providers:       Many ecommerce platforms also offer built-in or plug-in module capabilities. 7/bid/31990/7-Customer-LoyaltyPrograms-That-Actually-Add-Value.aspx 64
  65. 65. Shortlist Enhancement Add the ability to send the shortlist to any recipient via email. The click action would bring up a simple div popup, where the user would enter the recipient’s email address. The recipient’s email would include a link to each product detail page, along with relevant promotional messaging / call-toaction. 65
  66. 66. Trust Marks Trust Marks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Trust logos are very likely to improve bounce rates, conversion rates, and average order sizes. Different logos will resonate with different customers. Test the locations on the HP. A. Header B. Footer Test checkout process locations Test product details page location Test the following: A. Norton Secured/Verisign, B. Google Trusted Stores, C. PayPal Verified, Stella Service (can't "apply" for it, but it’s one we’d like to earn). I don’t advocate making the site look like a NASCAR car; more research and testing should be done, to determine which marks and how many to use. Norton and Bizrate are two that I’ve had good experiences with. Major site examples:,, 66
  67. 67. Sales Tax Collection Sales Tax Collection 1. 2. 3. Passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act is inevitable and imminent. Preparation for, and implementation of, this project will be significant and time-consuming. But – in the end, it will provide an additional marketing opportunity: “Tax Free Weekend” promotions. Resources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Avalara AccurateTax CCH Sales Tax TaxCloud (by FedTax) Exactor SpeedTax Onesource Vertex Taxware 67
  68. 68. Low Price Promise Page  A price “guarantee” is a common offering among retailers  It generates consumer confidence and credibility in the retailer  These guarantees are taken advantage of infrequently  Will help improve conversion rates  Builds loyalty. 68
  69. 69. Mutual, Cooperative Marketing Partnerships 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. New Customer Acquisition. We include their pre-printed package inserts in our shipments, and vice-versa We include a promotional image ad on our email, and vice-versa. It's not expected to be a "home run", but... I reached out to some contacts I have at other companies (below), who expressed a interest/willingness to try it. We had moderate success with 1800flowers while at JTV. “You don’t know until you try.” 69
  70. 70. Create a User Experience Feedback Program for 1. 2. 3. 4. Create a systematic, consistent program designed to learn about our customers, our site usability, our marketing effectiveness, and our product mix. Primary data-collection technique: Survey Monkey surveys (or Vertical Response surveys). Add survey links to: global footer, customer service page, thank you page, promo and transactional emails, and Facebook. Secondary data-collection technique: customer service rep phone call questions. Third data-collection technique: video panels. I’ve used this service in the past with excellent results. 70
  71. 71. Create a User Experience Feedback Program for You get two things from each participant:  A video of the participant speaking their thoughts as they perform your requested tasks. (Sample video available online).  The participant’s written responses to your questions. 71
  72. 72. Merchandising Merchandising: Create an "Open Box Deals" section (Landing Page); create an "Open Box" filter within the categories; & create an "Open Box" Icon to be included with all Open Box items. Modeled after JTV’s “POP” program (previously-owned product). This program was tremendously successful for us: these items usually sold out within 24 hours after posting. Create separate listings for Open Box items. This will set customer expectations appropriately, reduce returns, and improve customer feedback scores & ratings. 72
  73. 73. Miscellaneous Ideas  Discuss pros & cons of adding Blinq social icons to the Optoro home page.  For October, 2014: Create OctoberFest (or something like it). This is a "balls to the wall" all-out marketing blitz, lasting a month. The idea is to generate as much publicity and brand awareness as possible (above the normal routine); maximizing the usage of all available marketing tools. The idea is also to take some of the holiday season spending out of the market, in advance, and then being able to capitalize on return / repeat business as the real holiday spending season approaches. Basically, we're creating an event, a holiday where none exists - which means we can get our message out there without getting drowned out by all the competitive noise.  I'd think about creating occasional product review videos and posting to our new YouTube channel, and then incorporating the video and transcript into our blog (tbd). All good for credibility, SEO, Links, and so on. (now Rakuten) does something like this - it's called BuyTV. This could also be incorporated into our ROKU channel.  Add an "email archive" link to the Help & Support page. This will help some customers answer their own questions.  Begin developing a mobile app, if not already on the roadmap.  Set up a bridal registry. Similar to the shortlist, let customers email their registry ID/List to friends/family; or provide them with a URL to send out.  Fix the shipping messaging, so the info on the help and support page is consistent with the global header messaging.  Fix the "Order History" link, which is throwing a 422 error page. 73
  74. 74. Miscellaneous Ideas  Large, hi-res images. More, and bigger, images can lead to higher clickthrough rates and conversions. Because Amazon and eBay are both now or soon will be requiring 1000pixel images, this is the standard now. This will also reduce return rates. Additionally, adding video on certain products will improve conversion rates up to 300% (it did at JTV). the checkout process would change very little.  Gift Wrapping Service. "Gift Wrapping Available!" (Link explaining it). Checkbox during checkout. Write a BRD for this.  More use of “sliders” on filters. For example, I'd change the pricing filter to use sliders instead, which would give the user more control, resulting in a better user experience.  Merchandising: Review current capabilities and begin discussing personalization & cross-merchandising platforms for implementation, such as Rich Relevance or Certona, to help us improve our upselling, cross-selling, and add-on sales.  Gifting Program: Implement a Gift Card / Gift Code program, as a New Customer Acquisition tool. Gift cards can also be used in conjunction with the loyalty program. Also: Add a "Give as Gift" button to the Product Details page (next to Add to Cart), and a link in the top menu bar. The benefit is mostly "suggestive"; 74
  75. 75. Thank You Thank You 75