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PawPrintSEO Veterinary Marketing


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PawPrintSEO Veterinary Marketing

  1. 1. Using Social and Online Directory Marketing to Increase Your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  2. 2. Budgeting for Marketing How your marketing budget spending may determine your practice’s performance by using just 4% of your annual revenues towards online marketing. On average, small businesses spend 3% to 12% of their annual revenues allocating it to their marketing budget. Also, SEO (search engine optimization) companies demand about 8% of a company’s annual revenues to use on an Internet marketing campaign. PawPrintSEO delivers results for well under half the average price. As one practice manager said “We are getting a new client every other day!”…probably a slight exaggeration, but they were seeing results.
  3. 3. Why switch to online marketing? Per Veterinary Practice News “The internet has changed the way people search for all types of businesses, including veterinarians.” Traditional marketing is expensive and limited. Think about it. Your placement online means marketing exposure on a 24/7 basis for anyone in the world to see. Newspaper ads, small sized, could cost you $1,000 per week. TV commercials of just 30 seconds would even go for over $20,000. And, these are limited time ad campaigns. With PawPrintSEO, you may spend just $450 a month for a year, and our work’s results hold their position after the end of the campaign. Thus, we offer the best return on marketing investment (ROMI) option to small businesses such as yours. Location and Directory SEO services are what we offer. Leave your website to your tech guy, and we’ll complete your company’s SEO marketing campaign with extraordinary results.
  4. 4. Who We Are • PawPrintSEO is a division of Who Can I Hire, Inc. Our leadership team has over 30 years of location marketing experience • We are a niche marketing agency that works with businesses and services to help them develop online • We are an affordable alternative to SEO and PPC and concentrate on organic search methods • We actually own an online directory with others in development, we know what works
  5. 5. Guess What • We understand that Social Media and some forms of SEO have been totally oversold as a marketing tool • We don’t use words like passionate, guru, fast, expert, guarantee, unique, partner, turnkey, and seasoned • We understand running a practice is hard work and you probably don’t have the time or resources to devote to digital marketing
  6. 6. Bet you are asking, “My Marketing, Social Media & SEO are already being taken care of, why do I need you guys?” • We enhance your current marketing efforts • We significantly improve your online exposure • We incorporate your social media and website into a low cost, high return marketing tool • We manually optimize your listing presence on over 300 major search directories • We advise, provide and improve your visual content • We provide a E-Z Feedback Program for reviews
  7. 7. Social Media only works if you... • Have a plan • Incorporate it in appropriate ways • If you maintain a steady stream of content • If you understand the problem it can become if not managed properly
  8. 8. Speaking of problems, if you don’t have a grasp of these sites, it could get scary for your business
  9. 9. We focus primarily on directory marketing, more to the point, directory optimization. You will find a lot of SEO companies out there that will put you in many directories. But all that gets you is company name, address, phone number, and occasionally a logo or other image. Based on extensive research, a lot of time the information is incorrect and not accurate. Our Focus, Your Online Future
  10. 10. 200+ Like the Mendoza Line*, it assures your Business is in the Major Leagues We actually take the time and enter the information manually into the directories (up to as many as 400+ for some clients). This helps the organic upward mobility of your company's web presence, thus being found by your potential customers when they do their Google, Bing, Yahoo, Puffin or any search, including mobile. *baseball lingo for a batting average of .200
  11. 11. Why Online Directories? Think of these directories as “digital yellow pages”
  12. 12. A Little Social Marketing We also will help with set up of social media accounts. Although social media is helpful for retention of clients, it is not as effective for gaining new clients. New clients mostly will come from people using search engines for your services, not Facebook.
  13. 13. We combine the best of both social media and online directories
  14. 14. One of our clients…
  15. 15. Background Colonial Gateway Veterinary Center built a new state of the art animal hospital on the site of a previous obsolete animal clinic and was faced with the need to remarket the location and the brand. Business Needs To completely redefine an established business and re-introduce it to a larger demographic Our Solution • Implement and maintain multiple social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Google+, Tumblr, and others. • By listing the business in over 300 online directories and completing all data input, the business achieved the maximum SEO in local search. • Develop visual content (we have our own graphic design department) • Social media page designs • Web banners • Logo formatting and design • Provide short videos promoting services and social engagement • Develop a “E-Z Feedback Program” to address any negative experience a customer may encounter and to encourage positive reviews
  16. 16. Customer review cards
  17. 17. The Cost • With PawPrintSEO, you may spend as little as $300* a month, and our work’s results hold their position after the end of the campaign. Thus, we offer the best return on marketing investment (ROMI) option to small businesses such as yours. Location and Directory SEO services are what we offer. Leave your website to your tech guy, and we will complete your company’s SEO marketing campaign with extraordinary results. * Cost and results will vary dependent upon consultation
  18. 18. Remember This: As a company, we can’t survive and grow unless we produce results for our clients. Every client has seen results exceeding expectations. We don’t offer false hopes, analytics or gobbledygook. However, we do offer the opportunity to grow and expand your practice online. Call us at 888-700-8290 or email: