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Breaking Bread: How the Family Christian Center Food Pantry is helping the community

In this Rick VanWagner publication, the services of Family Christian Center Food Pantry are explored.

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Breaking Bread: How the Family Christian Center Food Pantry is helping the community

  1. 1. A Rick VanWagner publication BREAKING BREAD How the Family Christian Center Food Pantry helps sustain families in transition • How can I reach the food pantry? • How many people are fed each month? • Who are ‘families in transition’ and how can I help?
  2. 2. • Families in transition are comprised of so many people pushing past the hardships of life. From sudden career changes to housing issues and relationship troubles, it’s surprising how easily we too can find ourselves in “transition.” • Family Christian Center and its pastor, Rick VanWagner, saw a way to help his community and decided to craft a solution that’s fed thousands of people in need. A NEED RECOGNIZED
  3. 3. • The Family Christian Center Food Pantry helps families and children of Lake County, Florida. Below are some more facts about it. GREAT GAINS • The pantry feeds between 800 and 1,000 families each month. • The pantry has previously supplied 70,000 pounds of food annually to people in need. • Thanks to a 2011 off-site relocation, there’s now more room for donated goods.
  4. 4.  According to Pastor Rick VanWagner, who has traveled extensively to minister at churches both nationally and internationally, there’s no greater joy than helping neighbors. • Family Christian Center Pantry is located at 16215 State Road 50, Suite #302. • The pantry is open from 9 a.m. to noon on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. To reach the pantry, email ALWAYS WITHIN REACH
  5. 5. • Food banks everywhere strive to meet the needs of families fighting through adversity. • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food banks distribute more than 2.5 billion pounds of food annually. • Donated goods often come from members of the public, businesses at the local or national level, government offices or other food banks that are in a position to help. • Rick VanWagner, a former town councilman, says the pantry is always happy to hear from members of the public with needs or those who can donate. PREMISE AND PROMISE
  6. 6.  To learn more about Rick VanWagner and the Family Christian Center Food Pantry, click here. FOR MORE INFORMATION