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My session slides from unityConnect 2016 in Haarlem

  1. Extending Office Add-ins with the Azure Container Service Rick Van Rousselt
  2. Email : rickvanrousselt
  3. Agenda • Docker and containers quick intro • Why use Docker • Azure Container Service • Demos
  4. docker and containers Quick Intro
  5. docker and containers -Ligthweight, open secure platform -Simplify building, shipping, running apps -Shipping container system for code
  6. Virtual Machines Each Guest OS needs: •CPU •RAM •Licensing •Maintenance
  7. Containers •More room for apps •Lesser maintenance •Licensing
  8. docker major components • Engine (a.k.a. deamon, runtime) • Images • Containers
  9. Docker Engine Docker engine Docker engine
  10. • Blueprint or definition of a container (readonly) • Needed by docker engine to create a running instance of a container • Can consist out of multiple layers Code Node.js UbuntuImage Images
  11. Run everywhere Demo
  12. V1 V2 V3 Eliminate app conflicts Why use containers
  13. DEV TEST PROD Why use containers Easy app shipping
  14. It’s just easy for us developers • When joining an ongoing project not need to do a long setup for a developer environment • No need for heavy virtual machines • Development environment is almost the same as production Why use containers
  15. Why use containers The SharePoint Context
  16. Connecting to Office 365 groups from a container Demo
  17. Azure Container Service
  18. What is the Azure Container Service - Optimised for hosting containers - Easy to manage containers at very large scales - Docker swarm, DC/OS or kubernetes included - Open source
  19. DC/OS vs docker Swarm vs kubernetes • Large scale • Proven in production environments • Complex • From Google • Preview • Different API • Native from docker • Standard docker interface
  20. Overview of the Azure Container Service Demo
  21. What’s in it for us
  22. Automated builds Demo
  23. Autoscaling Demo
  24. Twitter streams & cognitive services Demo
  25. Roadmap • Windows containers • VS, VSTS and VS Code integration and deployment to Azure Container Service • Azure Container Registry
  26. If you have any more questions Email : Twitter : @rickvanrousselt