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My session from SharePoint Saturday Netherlands


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My session on: So luis, what are we going to do today

Published in: Software
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My session from SharePoint Saturday Netherlands

  1. 1. So Luis, What are we going to do today? Rick Van Rousselt
  2. 2. Bots… Bots…Bots
  3. 3. The first bot you ever used?
  4. 4. QnA maker Demo
  5. 5. Not: Should I build a bot But What is the outcome I want for users of my product or service? 1
  6. 6. What is the business outcome you want to drive? 2 - Customer retention - Customer service - Ex: helping a user until a live person is available
  7. 7. Is a conversational chatbot the best medium for your outcome? 3 - Vacation booking site? - Recipe's site?
  8. 8. Does your idea try to replace tasks that people love doing? 4 - Ex: Plan a trip
  9. 9. Is the cost for using your chatbot- powered product or service less than the perceived value? 5 - Ex: Shopping list
  10. 10. Bot Framework YOU
  11. 11. LUIS.AI
  12. 12. UtterancesTraining sentences Ex: What do you think the user will ask to the bot
  13. 13. IntentsTask or action a user wants to perform => verbs Ex: What's the weather like in Vianen?
  14. 14. EntitiesInformation relevant to the intent => Nouns Ex: What's the weather like in Vianen?
  15. 15. Entities Prebuild: dates, times, geography Simple List: synonyms Hierarchical: parent – child relationship • Ex: $TravelClass: including $First, $Business, and $Economy Composite: made up of other entities that form part of a whole
  16. 16. FeaturesImprove your model
  17. 17. Features Phrase list features: • Help establish an utterance pattern • Ex: Who is Rick, Who is Jeff, Who is Dan • Always use pre-build entities if they exist first Pattern features: • Express that some words or structures are meaningful • Ex: INCd => INC12345
  18. 18. Pre-build domains Examples and starting points provided by Microsoft
  19. 19. LUIS.AI Demo
  20. 20. Always re-train your model TIP:
  21. 21. Supported languages Locale Language Prebuilt entity support en-US American English ☑️ fr-CA Canadian French - fr-FR French (France) ☑️ it-IT Italian ☑️ nl-NL Dutch - de-DE German ☑️ es-ES Spanish (Spain) ☑️ es-MX Spanish (Mexico) - pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) ☑️ ja-JP Japanese ☑️ ko-KR Korean - zh-CN Chinese ☑️
  22. 22. SPAdminBot Demo
  23. 23. SPS NL Bot Demo
  24. 24. Speech To Text Demo
  25. 25. How can I start (dev) bots-16759
  26. 26. How can I start (non-dev)
  27. 27. If you have any more questions
  28. 28. Thanks for attending
  29. 29. Email : rickvanrousselt Rick Van Rousselt