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Your Joomla website will rank in the search engines if you optimise the pages correctly and apply a few tweaks. View video at

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  • Is SEO dead?The goal of the search engineYellow pages approach – free listings + paidSell advertisingResults not in alphabetical orderPresent the most relevant web pages that match the search queryTheir algorithm determines which pages are displayed first
  • 2 main factors – Relevancy & Authority
  • Which pages in my index contain the words in the search result?There’s more to it, but that’s the basic concept.So you need to choose the right keywords.Not something too broad.The more specific, the easier it is to rank and the more likely it is that keyword is a ‘buying’ keywordGoogle keyword toolCreate pages that contain keywords that match the search query
  • Which pages are the most authoritative for the search queryComes down to the quantity and quality of backlinks to the pageSo if 2 sites were equal but one had 3 links and the other had 10 links, the one with 10 links would rank higherNot quite – quality counts too. If those 10 links were from little blogs and the other site had 3 high quality links, it would win.One way of telling Google what the target website is about is to include keywords in the anchor text. Dangerous now.
  • Once you know what keywords to target, place those keywords into the right spots of the page.Here’s how to create a well-optimised page in Joomla.
  • Title is the text in the browser tabThe title also appears in the search resultsIn Joomla pages are created using menu items.Therefore you specify the page title in the relevant menu item. It’s labelled Menu Title.
  • Problem is, the title is also used for the navigation buttons and you may not want to use the same for both.Overwrite this in the menu item under Page Display Options – Browser Page TitleThe page title is the most important on-page ranking factor – by far
  • The meta description serves two purposes:The content is used to help rank the pageThe text is often displayed in the search results and if well written can improve click-throughsAlso on the menu item page
  • Meta keywords are uselessUnless using the Related Articles moduleCan be examined by your competition
  • Content can have certain formatting appliedOne option is headingsKeywords appearing in the H1 tag are considered more strongly when rankingMany templates put the H1 tag in the log which is fineBut you might like to create your ownCreate them in the editor by selecting text and choosing Heading 1
  • Images can have an alternative description for browsers which do not display imagesInclude your keywords in the description – but make sure it reads wellTop screenshot shows the standard Joomla editorBottom screenshot shows JCE
  • Save image filenames with your keywordsIf multiple words, seperate with hyphens
  • Featured articles pages and category blog pages can take advantage of the read more functionUsed to just say Read moreNow says Read more: followed by the article titleOverride this in the options for the article – Read more textBut all this does is change the read more text – see panel 2To remove the read more globally, in Article Manager, choose Options and change Show Title with Read More to Hide
  • When creating links throughout the site, include keywords in the anchor textDon’t just make the link text click hereInstead write naturally and include some keywords if it makes sense in contextAside: when in doubt, write in a way that makes sense to the reader – SEO comes secondBesides we shouldn’t be writing click here any more as mobile devices are very popular and of course you don’t click – you tap
  • The second most important ranking criteria after the title tag is search engine friendly URLs
  • URLs are generated from the alias field in each menu itemIf an item has been assigned to a parent item, which is indicated by being indented in the Menu Manager, the resulting URL will include the parent(s)Explain exampleIt worksMight not be ideal – can be overridden using an extension
  • These settings are found in Global ConfigurationBy default, the first option, SEF URLs is now onThis is great because the old style ugly URLs like in the example are goneThe old URLs had two problemsThey were difficult to quote to peopleThey didn’t assist the search engine is determining what the page is about
  • BUT by default, index.php still appears in the URLThis can be removed by enabling the URL rewriting optionDoes not work in all hosting environmentsUsed to be very tricky to get working on Windows IIS, but easier nowThis method is for Apache serversThis can break your site if your host is not Joomla-friendlyFTO to server and rename .htaccess to .htaccess-bakRename htaccess.txt to .htaccessEnable URL rewritingIf this breaks your site, revert to the backed up version of .htaccessSwitch to a more Joomla-friendly host like SiteGround
  • 2 identical sitesBut note the difference in the URLTo a search engine, these are two different sitesYou need to redirect one to the other and the convention is to point the non-www to the www version
  • 2 optionsUse a search engine friendly extension that includes this featureEnter some code into the .htaccess fileHere is an example that should work(actually the first 2 options should already exist in the htaccess file)But check the URL and if it fails ask your host
  • Some extensions I have usedMijoSEFfree version availableComplicated to setup and useFeature packedGreat supportsh404SEFprobably still the pickI had trouble with itStill mentioned everywhereJoomSEFFree version available
  • Some general tips that don’t fit anywhere else
  • Speed up your siteSee last week’s webinar
  • Google has several search result types including imagesImages has its own search page but images can also appear in the main resultsRight now none of your images are appearing because you have told Google to ignore themFTP to your site and download the robots.txt fileOpen it and remove the line labelled Disallow: /images/Save and upload
  • Search engines do a good job of indexing your contentGive them a hand by creating a sitemapXmap is popular and freeMijoSEF can create sitemaps tooSubmit to Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools
  • One of the biggest changes to determining the authority of a site is social indicatorsEncourage your visitors to share your content by including social sharing buttons under your articlesSP Share = freeMijoSEF
  • Strictly speaking not SEOBut helps to have one as you don’t lose the visitorCheck 404 logs and create redirects
  • Biggest thing you need to do is create a bigger siteConsider a blog or forum or a bunch of articles on varying topicsThink like Wikipedia – lots of pages linking to lots of internal pages
  • The biggest thing to do is real marketingThe days of creating a heap of pages on third party sites linking back to your pages are goneCreate content, curate content, share content, and it comes backRemember that as nice as it is to get free traffic from the search engines, this is – or should be – only one of many channels you use to gain new followers, customers and members.
  • Thanks to SiteGround
  • SEO for Joomla

    1. 1. Richard PearceSEOforJOOMLABuild a Joomla Website
    2. 2. How SearchEngines Work1
    3. 3. Relevancy & Authority
    4. 4. Relevancy• Choose the right keywords• Google keyword tool• Keywords should appear in certain parts ofthe page
    5. 5. Authority• Backlinks to your site• Quality of links• Quantity of links• Keywords in the anchor text - CAREFUL
    6. 6. On-pageOptimization2
    7. 7. Title TagBrowser Search Results Menu Title
    8. 8. Customize Title1. Edit menu item2. Page Display Options Browser Page Title
    9. 9. MetaDESCRIPTION
    10. 10. NOJust sayto meta keywords
    11. 11. H1 Tag
    12. 12. AttributeALT
    13. 13. ImageFile Name
    14. 14. Anchor TextRead More Article Options Hide Title
    15. 15. Include keywordsinINTERNALLINKS
    16. 16. SEFURLs3
    17. 17. URLs come fromMENUALIAS using-joomla/extensions/components/content-component/single-article
    18. 18. URLsSEF
    19. 19. URLRewriting 1. Rename .htaccessto .htaccess-bak2. Renamehtaccess.txt to.htaccess3. Enable URLrewriting
    20. 20.
    21. 21. MijoSEFsh404SEFJoomSEF
    22. 22. Tips&Tricks4
    23. 23.
    24. 24. robots.txtNot indexed Delete /images 
    25. 25. CREATE ASitemap• Xmap• MijoSEF
    26. 26. SOCIALBookmarks• SP Share• MijoSEF
    27. 27. Custom Errors
    28. 28. LESSLess is
    29. 29. REALMarketing
    30. 30. Question Time
    31. 31. Richard