Classroom Bobbleheads Make Learning Fun


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Teachers have to think outside the box to engage their classroom. In order to combat multiple distractions and short attention spans, some teachers have turned to bobbleheads to help educate students and spark classroom discussion. Using bobbleheads as a visual learning tool can be entertaining and informative. Visit to make learning fun!

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Classroom Bobbleheads Make Learning Fun

  1. 1. Bobbleheads in the Classroom
  2. 2. Teacher’s Dilemma As a teacher, you’re competing for a student’s attention against multiple distractions and short attention spans. How you decide to present the subject material plays a critical role in sparking their interests and keeping them engaged. Once a student’s engaged in the curriculum, you can begin making a positive difference in their life.
  3. 3. Visual Aids Visual aids and classroom props are learning tools for children and educators. They provide a visual representation of the subject being discussed, which can improve understanding. Did You Know? 1) Approximately 65% of the population is visual learners1. 2) Visual aids in the classroom can improve learning by up to 400%2.
  4. 4. Bring in the Bobbleheads Teachers can now bring their subject material to life using BOBBLEHEAD figures. Researching the Theory of Relativity? Discussing the Gettysburg Address? Reading a Mark Twain novel? Studying Civil Rights? THERE’S A BOBBLEHEAD FOR THAT!
  5. 5. Entertainment AND Education When used in a visual learning capacity, these entertaining bobblehead figures can serve a greater purpose by educating America’s youth on the history of our great nation.
  6. 6. Rise Above the Noise Students are constantly bombarded with information while surfing the net, watching TV, or playing on their smartphone. Teachers have to think outside the box to engage students. How is your message going to rise above the noise?
  7. 7. What Teachers Say “During our WWII studies, my General George Patton bobblehead adds a bit of fun to a very serious subject.” - Brian, Louisville “Great conversation starter in the classroom. Student tables are assigned an American President bobblehead and they must become an expert on their bobblehead.” - Maria, Indianapolis “I bought this Bobblehead to have in my class as my students research MLK, Jr. They like to have something concrete to connect them to the person they're studying.” - Janice, Virginia
  8. 8. Sources 1. “Computers as Mindtools for Engaging Learners in Critical Thinking;” David H. Jonassen, Chad Carr, and Hsiu-Ping Yueh; March 1998 2. “Polishing Your Presentation;” 3M Visual Systems Division, 2001
  9. 9. Visit and Make Learning FUN!