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Cn & text messaging


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short SMSnet presentation to CN positioning SMS as an audience engagement vehicle.

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Cn & text messaging

  1. 1. CN Field, the Grey Cup &Text Messaging
  2. 2. In Canada, there are 25 millionwireless phone subscribers 44% have smart phones 40% have feature phones 16% have older phones 99%+ of all mobile phones in Canada can send and receive text messages
  3. 3. Texting is fast and exact.Any cell phone can receive texts. Nosmart phone or data plan is required.All incoming texts are free to receiveif you have a text message option withyour mobile device plan.
  4. 4. There are three ways to initiate amobile texting relationship:- via mobile opt-in- by online subscription- through a registration process where cell phone numbers are recorded then uploaded onto the text messaging platform.
  5. 5. Of the three, mobile opt-in is theeasiest and quickest and can be doneon location, any time, anywhere.
  6. 6. How does mobile opt-in work?Open the text messaging application onyour cell phone. Compose a new textmessage. Text the word “demo” withoutthe “ ” to short code 767638. Withinseconds, you should receive a responseregardless of your carrier.
  7. 7. Try it. . . .Go to text messaging on your cell phone.Compose a new text message to 767638.Text the word “demo” without the “ ”Click send.Your auto-response is personalized foryour event.
  8. 8. Interested fans sign-up for your serviceto enter a contest, access information,gain entry to an event, etc.Once registered, a fan can be textedas per the details of what they signed-up for or until they reply to a textmessage with the word STOP.
  9. 9. Subscribers will sign up for the day orweekend but you must inform themwhat they are subscribing to, howmany texts will be sent and when thesubscription ends. It is always best totell subscribers that their number willbe deleted at the end of the weekend.
  10. 10. We would create several keywords forthe weekend event, each with its ownpurpose.Text CN to 767638 to enter the Simulator.Text CNCFL to 767638 for a link to ....Text CNSafe to 767638 for a link for ....Text CNWin to 767638 to enter our contest
  11. 11. There is no spam or advertising.No information is shared with anyoutside or third party.You control the platform and all textmessages sent.
  12. 12. At the end of each day, you can thankyour fans and ask them to share theirpictures or memories on a social mediasite, provide a link and ask them to likeyour Facebook page, or send them to aspecial CN website.
  13. 13. Text Messaging is an easy way toengage fans and ask them toparticipate in interactive activities. Thank YouYou can deliver time sensitiveinformation, promotional offers,website links, or ask them to stop by abooth or kiosk.