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Spark Training Program - Value Amplify Consulting


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Spark Training

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Spark Training Program - Value Amplify Consulting

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL – contact: February 2017 High Performance Continuous Learning Technical Hands-On Workshop Social Learning with Spark SMEs Bi-Weekly Interactive Webinars Spark-a-Thons 1000 page documentation and videos Barranquilla Belo Horizonte Bogotá Brasilia Cali - Colombia Lima Medellin Panama, Panama Rio De Janeiro Santiago São Paulo US Hispanic community Apache Spark 2.0 For High-Throughput, Clustered, Stream Processing Applications EXPERIENCED TRAINERS Jacek Laskowski • 30+ Spark classes • Spark code contributor • Author of: Mastering Spark Prof. G. Mascarella • Certified Data Scientist • Former MSFT Consulting(16yrs) • Teaching ML at FAU • PASS & IASA Panelist Contact: Adtl trainers available Rob Grandi • Spark on Big data Engineer • Dev Ops Hadoop • Scala Programming
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL – contact: Technical Hands-on Workshop Designed by Apache Spark code contributors with plenty of training delivery experience (i.e. we are training top software companies WW),. Here you have 2 videos sample about our style in different context: -Spark introduction session -Spark Scala Coding Session Our 4 days hands-on workshop is based on this structure and we customize it base don an pre-workshop assessment. 1. Spark Ecosystem 2. Spark Core RDD Data Abstraction, DataFrame, Dataset, Streaming. 3. Monitoring Spark Applications web UI, SparkListeners and log analysis, 4. Spark Setup 5. Spark and cluster managers – Hadoop YARN, Apache Mesos and Spark Standalone. 1. Distributed Machine Learning Algorithms 2. Spark MLlib ML in Distributed Computing 3. Build a ML experiment Use Transformers from JSON, Logistic Regressions, and Evaluators. 1. Spark Streaming API 2. Distributed Data Ingestions 3. Structured streaming. 1. SCALA Applications 2. Spark SQL Applications using DataFrames 3. Working with Structured Datasets (i.e. JSON) 4. Using Dataset API
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL – contact: What is included? 1. Program Design, Launch and Operation: Certified Yammer Moderator and KIT for 3 months 2. Propel Vitality: Spark, Hadoop Level 400 SMEs consumed, Effort depends metrics i.e. # of posts with interactions. Social Learning with Spark SMEs Prof Mascarella has successfully managed several Social Learning projects in Microsoft and in Academic settings since 2001. Continuous learning through well planned webinars and follow- up in moderated communities will enable students to self assess their learning barriers and secure proper access to Level 200- 300-400 hands-on classes or “deep-dive” webinars. Social Learning activates peer-learning, incentive self-driven exploration of solutions and makes experts easy to engage. Certified Yammer Moderator Will Lead Spark Upskill Roadmap What is Consulting and Not Social Learning? Yammer questions and answers are training activities not consulting work. Any SMEs work that requites the following activities is considering consulting by the hour: - Expect a problem resolution not an advice - Study the contexts of the problem - Review more than 10 lines of code
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL – contact: Step Description 1.Crowdsource Challenges When professionals sees opportunities/Challenges they can raise attention with# or Yammer group for due diligence and nomination to a Spark-a-Thon. 2.Prioritizate and Set Rewards Moderator will help organization build scorecard, success criteria and will facilitate consensus around those topics. The use of reward, badges (brian-candies) and prizes will be orchestrated for maximum efficacy. 3. Packaging Spark-a-Thon Moderator will prepare the kit for the event -Scenario Description -Source data cleanup -Minimum Requirement: -Manage competition success and energy - Orchestrate submission review - Engineering and doument best submission for re-use 4. SMESs Supporting Event If the solution/challenge ha snot been solved, adding external SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) would propel excellence, etc and troubleshoot. 5. The Winner is a Leader During the event leaders will emerge, they will be appointed as SMEs in the Yamemr community to filter future situations. Leaders in the Yammer community will be coached to inspire and propel the organization. Spark-a-Thon To Find Business Opportunties and Leaders In the Open Source world hackathons are the successful learning mechanisms. -How can a corporation embrace this phenomenon in respect of confidentiality? -How can we scale? Value Amplify Spark-a-Thon will focus or real solution scenarios, leverage web conferencing when needed and have teams in multiple offices compete for prizes, badges and awards based on gamifications techniques. Our associates have conducted over 20 hackathons
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL – contact: 1000 page documentation and videos Example of documentation written by our associates:
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL – contact: Three Month Program Proposal Here you find a description of services for a potential engagement . Certified Administrators Related Projects Expertise from our SMEs: Sports Data Analysis using Spark, Co-occurrence Networks Analysis (with GraphX), Anomaly Detection, Data Clustering and Classification, Dimensionality Reduction, Finanancial Risk Analysis, Map Reduce Migration, Recommendation Engine, Data Streaming, Semantics Analytics, eCommerce Real-time Customer Segmentation, Machine Learning Spam Filtering, Graph Network for AML and Fraud.
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL – contact: Appendix How many Spark SMEs can you offer in the social learning program? We have 6 on board and at least 12 in our part-time network. How long would you recommend to run this program? After the first 3 months, the program should become self- sustainable with your employees and leader. Will this program work only for Apache Spark? This program will work for any technology. New technology areas can be introduced in the same program or you can start another program with the same system. FAQ Contact: