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Dare to (re)Imaginge [...] - a presentation to YRDSB, OPC


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A presentation on the disruptive technologies that may transform education; and the need for delivering talent for a Connected Future.

Published in: Education
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Dare to (re)Imaginge [...] - a presentation to YRDSB, OPC

  1. 1. Paving the Way for a Connected Future Dare to Re-imagine […] Dr. Rick Huijbregts VP, DigitalTransformation and Innovation Cisco Canada Follow and feedback @DrRickH
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  3. 3. This is NOT aboutTechnology @DrRickH
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  16. 16. Digital Business is Creating the Digital Economy Bookstore Taxi Music Point-of- Sale Print Advertising Automobile Hotel @DrRickH
  17. 17. Technology trends that fuel Innovation and shape Digital Transformation 5 @DrRickH
  18. 18. Mobile 90% of all global internet traffic will be mobile in 2017 @DrRickH
  19. 19. Video One million minutes of video traverses the internet every second @DrRickH
  20. 20. Applications 20,000 new “apps” released every week @DrRickH
  21. 21. Internet of People andThings 50 Billion smart objects connected by 2020 (15 Billion today) @DrRickH
  22. 22. Big Data (in the Cloud) Data doubles every two years 80% of organizations will primarily use SAAS by 2018 @DrRickH
  23. 23. The best is yet to come… @DrRickH
  24. 24. 3d Printing @DrRickH
  25. 25. Robots @DrRickH
  26. 26. AutonomousVehicles @DrRickH
  27. 27. Drones @DrRickH
  28. 28. Mixed Reality @DrRickH
  29. 29. Artificial Intelligence @DrRickH
  30. 30. Blockchain @DrRickH
  31. 31. Are we ready? @DrRickH
  32. 32. The Changing Role of Education 1 2 @DrRickH
  33. 33. Speed of Innovation is Accelerating @DrRickH
  34. 34. Enables Differentiates New Experiences Process Innovation Distributed Intelligence 2.0 Defines Industry Transformation Constant Innovation New Growth Productivity Cost Reduction Faster response to Customer @DrRickH
  35. 35. DigitalTransformation 30% increase in production efficiency by 2017 Automotive Established in 1837; 2015 revenue of $34.7B Agriculture Digital Ceiling 50% Lower Cost per Sq. Foot Real Estate WATERPARK PLACE 20,000 connected service techs; reduced 40M km driving miles Transport @DrRickH Mobile Payment and Experiences $1B from loyalty card Retail
  36. 36. PartnersDigitizeVision @DrRickH People Process Data Things Connect
  37. 37. out of 10 Cloud, Distributed Computing Analytics, Data Mining Web Architecture and Development Middleware Development, Software UIX (User Interface Design) Network and Information Security Mobile Development Data Presentation @DrRickH STEaM Coding as aThird Language
  38. 38. Digitization in Schools “By 2020, 75% of organizations will be digital or will be preparing to become digital” Source: 2020 Report; Shaping Tomorrow Digitization is opening up a new world of opportunities for learners to learn more—in new ways, in new places, and with new connections to resources around the globe.
  39. 39. 2016 Current State 2026 Potential with Digitization Impact to Schools Physical attendance with educators Virtual faculty One-time instruction in one location Anytime, anywhere access Static, linear content; limited learner control Learn at your own pace Manual data collection for research Capture and analyze data from sensors anywhere Search for content Costly textbooks ▪ One size fits all Content offered proactively Free content ▪ Customized curriculum Digital School Anytime Anywhere Global Classrooms
  40. 40. Desire to learn anywhere and at any time leads to improved learning outcomes Anytime,AnywhereAccess
  41. 41. @DrRickH
  42. 42. Learners desire an immersive experience, viewing painting exhibits in Amsterdam, or engaging with learners in China or India. GlobalClassrooms @DrRickH
  43. 43. Global classrooms, blended learning, mobile Internet enable the new learning environment. GlobalClassrooms @DrRickH
  44. 44. @DrRickH
  45. 45. School boards desire more intelligent facilities and high-performing learning environment. DigitalCampus,Schools @DrRickH
  46. 46. Sensor-equipped smart lighting, parking, Wi-Fi and analytics enable a secure, fully connected, high-performing learning environment. DigitalCampus,Schools @DrRickH
  47. 47. @DrRickH LearningWithout Limits Parkland School Division, Prescott Learning Centre Consolidate administrative and management services Reduce operating cost Improving safety and security Empowering collaboration—Division, Classroom, and beyond Deliver innovative teaching and learning experiences Gather actionable data Improve student outcomes “By staying in front of technology, we can leverage tools that make our kids globally competitive.” Jason Messer, Superintendent Expand access to education
  48. 48. PartnersDigitizeVision @DrRickH Connect People Process Data Things
  49. 49. ImaginePartnersDigitizeVision @DrRickH Connect People Process Data Things
  50. 50. @DrRickH
  51. 51. @DrRickH
  52. 52. @DrRickH
  53. 53. @DrRickH
  54. 54. @DrRickH
  55. 55. Are You READY? @DrRickH
  56. 56. Dr. Rick Huijbregts VP, DigitalTransformation and Innovation Cisco Canada Follow and feedback @DrRickH
  57. 57. Are You READY? @DrRickH Innovative Teaching InnovationCommunity Personalized Collaboration Experiential Learning Learning Spaces Diverse and Emerging Resources