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Rick Glew Portfolio 0501613

  1. 1. Asian Market EntryMicro Base Stations3G Mobile PhonesWorkforce OptimizationCall Center Performance MgtCall Center Workforce MgtProduct Marketing and Product ManagementLaunched a broad range of new offers at ACE,CiNet, NICE, IEX, Spatial Wireless and Nortel:• Product marketing and launch materials• Messaging and customer presentations• Product packaging and integration strategy• White papers and strategic business plans• Customer business cases and Pricing• Market and competitive analyses• Alliances• Project management• Catalog and asset management systemsRICK GLEW – MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO829 Parkwood Court; McKinney, Texas 75070 ~ Cell: (214) 395-1573 ~ rglew@tx.rr.com ~ http://www.linkedin.com/in/rickglewWebsite and Interactive Media• American College of Education (ACE), NICE IEX, CiNet and Spatial Wireless websites launched with new branding,messaging, CMS structure, SEO-based design, flash content, lead capture systems and multiple languages.• Interactive media demonstrations and videos to make call center, online education, networking and multimodalsolutions easily understood – Used for website, soft copy collateral and presentations.“I’m sendingdescription &directions”“I’m sendingdescription &directions”“I’m sendingdescription &directions”“I’m sendingdescription &directions”CiNet website with SEO design, video previews, andcomprehensive course search and catalog systemMultilingual NICE IEX WFM website with interactive callcenter solution descriptions and customer videosMulti-Modal SIP ServicesWireless Location Tech3G Applications EnablersIndustrial /P. Safety TrainingOnline Higher EducationDistributed Soft SwitchingSpatial Wireless website with interactive mobile soft-switching descriptions & multimodal service demosACE website www.ace.edu and facebook sites withinteractive program maps and dynamic social content
  2. 2. Branding, Sales Collateral, Interactive Media, and Advertising• Corporate brand redesign and implementation for ACE, CiNet, IEX and Spatial Wireless.• Suite of ACE, CiNet, IEX and Spatial Wireless brochures and solution descriptions. IEX material in 6 languages.• Series of ACE, NICE and IEX newsletters to customer, prospect, partner and analyst audiences.• Marketing and product demonstration CDs with interactive flash demonstrations, presentations and collateral.• Trade magazine, electronic banner and email advertising.• Sales proposal/support documentation and pocket qualification guides.ACE Brochure, Admissions Kit, CourseDescription, Email and Mobile Landing PageIEX Magazine Ad, Brochure, Proposal, Product Sheet,InView eNewsletter, Pocket Guide and Interactive CDSocial Media, Press and Analyst Relations• Integrated social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Teacher’s Blog to buildaudience and drive engagement and organic search results.• Extensive IEX, NICE Systems and Spatial Wireless coverage in call center and wireless trade press.• Authored whitepapers on Workforce Management ROI, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Automation,Operational Efficiency, Workforce Optimization, Distributed Core Switching, Gateway Switching and Multi-Modal Services, among others. Published in industry trade journals.• Spatial Wireless made America’s Network and Telecommunications Magazine annual lists of Eight Hot Start-Ups and10 Hot Technologies respectively.• IEX has won many industry awards, including Frost & Sullivan and Gartner leadership recognition.• IEX Video developed for CNBC Business and Beyond Segment.CiNet Video Preview, Brochure,Catalog and Solution Description
  3. 3. Global Packaged CampaignsLead-FocusedEventManagementLead Follow Up,Closed Loop ROIReportingMarketing Automation, Lead Nurturing,Marketing/Sales System IntegrationSilverPopMarketingSystemSalesforceSales CRMSystemEvents• Led IEX presence at over 80 call center trade shows and regional lead generation events each year, introducingnew branding and booth designs and regularly winning best-in-show awards.• IEX Pathways to Excellence contact center best practice seminars/webcasts - N.A., EMEA and APAC.• Regular participation in Industrialand Public Safety association events to promote online skills training solutions.• Managed Spatial Wireless annual participation at CTIA Wireless, 3GSM World Congress, Supercomm andregional shows. Extensive live-air technology demonstrations with partner companies.CompetencyDevelopment - Joint Planning - Market Development - RewardsIMPACT ON RETENTIONCLAIMEDIMPORTANCEHighLowMotivatorsHiddenOpportunitiesPotentials/SaversHygienicsLowHighA01A04A6A05A10A02A09 A03A08A07CustomerSatisfactionResearchLead Generation and Marketing Operations• Increased ACE Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC), Organic Search Performance and Quality Lead Flow by250%, 50% and 100% respectively in the highlycompetitive online higher education space.• Completed call center transition to Campus Management Talisma CRM at ACE.• Implemented SilverPop Engage marketing automation integrated with Salesforce.com for lead generation, scoring,nurturing and closed loop management reporting - In IEX and then across parent company, NICE.• Integrated global eMarketing, automated nurturing, newsletter, Google PPC and SEO, whitepaper, Webinar,portal, direct mail, advertising and telemarketing programs at NICE, IEX and ACE.• Data hygiene practices, API interfaces between systems and trainingprograms to enable more targeted campaigns,efficient lead management and activity insight to support downstream sales.• NICE and IEX customer satisfaction research and specific employee MBO compensation programs.• NICE, IEX and CiNet channel partner agreements, support materials, ROI tools and marketing programs.• CiNet market mapping, prospect database and content catalog tools to simplify and shorten the sales cycle.Spatial Wireless Exhibit, IEX Exhibit, CiNet Exhibit andPathways to Excellence Seminar Series Website
  4. 4. Alliances and Business DevelopmentConceived and developed technology and commercial alliances between Nortel Networks and several consumerelectronics and telecommunications market leaders. Focused on:• Mobile Phones and Wireless Devices• Wireless Internet Enablers, IP Clients and Middleware (e.g. Location Technology, WAP)• Microcell Radio Access Equipment• InternationalMarket Entry RelationshipsKey partnership agreements included:• Samsung - CDMA 1xRTT and 3G UMTS mobile handset technology testing agreements• LG Electronics - CDMA mobile handset commercial agreement and joint bids• Qualcomm - CDMA 1xRTT mobile handset technology testing agreement• Motorola - GSM and UMTS mobile handset technology testing and commercial bidding MOUs• CMG - Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Server OEM agreement• Openwave - WAP Server OEM MOU and joint bidding agreements• Sanyo - Wireless device technology testing• Sun IPlanet - Wireless Internet Web/Application Server hardware and middleware MOU• Cambridge Positioning Systems - Location facility technology and OEM agreementsSales and Account Team ManagementManaged Nortel Networks account marketing and sales engineering teams supporting mobile and regional carriernetwork companies. The teams consistently exceeded all sales, margin and customer satisfaction targets and won allcompetitive tenders. Key customers included:• Bell Mobility – The largest wireless operator in Canada• Canadianwestern provincial telephone companies which have since joined together as part of Telus – AGT, BCTel, Ed Tel and Quebec Tel• Canadianeastern provincial telephone companies which have since joined together as Bell Aliant – MT&T,NBTel, Newfoundland Tel and Island Tel• MTS, Sasktel and Teleglobe