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SharePoint Migrations and You - 15 Things to Consider


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Congratulations on taking your first steps on moving to SharePoint 2016 and beyond. The journey can be grueling with lots of unexpected pitfalls. Join me as I discuss things to consider when migrating to SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online or both. Join me as I discuss 15 things to consider when planning your migration and will also give real world examples I experienced.

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SharePoint Migrations and You - 15 Things to Consider

  1. 1. SharePoint Migrations and You: The 15 Things to Consider Rick Garcia
  2. 2. Email: Twitter: @SilentRick LinkedIn:
  3. 3. Consider your vision and goal… What does the end state look like? What direction do you want to go? What features do you need? Office 365 or On-Prem solution?
  4. 4. Consider your corporate environment… Multiple domains to merge? Multiple logins for SharePoint? How do you authenticate now? Is Multi-Factor Auth Required? Is your email hosted or in-house?
  5. 5. Consider your funding…
  6. 6. Who do you have on staff? Do you have enough staff? Does your staff have the expertise? Should you bring in outside help?
  7. 7. Consider your current platform… What version of SharePoint? What service pack are you on? What is your current architecture? How much data do you have?
  8. 8. Are you using tools now? Any plans to use a migration tool? Any plans to use a governance tool? Are you using any development tool?
  9. 9. How will you be using email? How will authentication work? How will you load balance? How will you secure the environment?
  10. 10. • Microsoft Fast Track - • Microsoft Tech Community - • Plan for SP 2016 - • Planning Worksheets - • SQL Capacity Planning and Config - us/library/cc298801(v=office.16).aspx Resources