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Cicor AMS - short version


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Cicor AMS - short version

  1. 1. I 1I AMS Division Cicor Group Version July 2015 Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016
  2. 2. I 2I The Cicor Group Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016
  3. 3. I 3I Cicor's global footprint Global and local presence Production / sales sites Sales representations Corporate Presentation 2015
  4. 4. I 4I Cicor AMS Division Advanced Microelectronics and Substrates Divison 08.03.2016Cicor AMS Division
  5. 5. I 5I Cicor AMS Division Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016 Production Sites Radeberg  Thick film  Micro assembly  Packaging  Screening / Test Wangs  Thin film  Thin film polymer/ multilayer  High ohmic R layer  RF MEMS Moudon  Rigid circuits Single and Double Sided  High Volume Production Site Boudry  Flex, Rigid and Rigid/Flex Multilayer HDI Circuits  Reel-to-Reel Ulm  Thin film  Thin film flex boards  Thin film polymer/ multilayer  Filled via SWITZERLAND GERMANY SALES : USA, EUROPE & ASIA
  6. 6. I 6I Markets Segments Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016Cicor AMS Division Aerospace & Defense 24% Others 4% Automotive & Transport 8% Telecom 14% Industrial 14% Consumer 16% Medical 20%
  7. 7. I 7I Development Prototyping Pre-Series Ramp-up Series Recycling Technologies for the entire vertical value chain, from single steps to a complete solution One-stop-shop Cicor AMS Service Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016 Engineering Substrates Components Assembly Packaging Test
  8. 8. I 8I Substrates The Cicor Group – AMS Division Printed Circuit Boards  High-end flex, rigid-flex, and rigid MLBs  Rigid PCBs with 1-32 layers  Impedanz-controlled PCBs +/- 5%  Panel and reel-to-reel production lines  HDIs: laser and mechanical drilling  Laser openings (cavities) + depth controlled routing  Final finishings: ENIG, ENEPIG, Imm.Sn, Imm.Ag, ASIG, OSP, electroplated Au  Electroless and electroplated copper, copper filled blind vias (stacked and staggered vias)  Lines/spaces down to 25/25 μm (1 mil)  Microvias down to 30 μm (1.2 mil)  Non conductive epoxy via plugging Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016
  9. 9. I 9I Substrates The Cicor Group – AMS Division Thin- and Thick-film Technology  Thin-film (polymer, multilayer, ceramic, steel, glass, ferrites)  Thin-film flexboards  Filled vias  Thick Cu  Thick-film (ceramic, steel)  High ohmic R layer Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016
  10. 10. I 10I Microelectronics The Cicor Group – AMS Division Board Assembly and Packaging  Die attach, COB, flip chip, bare die, MMICs, SMD (min. 01005)  (μ) BGA  Wire/ribbon bonding  Automatic ball-wedge and wedge-wedge wire bonding  Soldering, epoxy, eutectic  Packaging, glob top  MEMS / RF MEMS packaging  Hermetic housing (metal, ceramic) Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016
  11. 11. I 11I Core competences & customer benefits Cicor AMS Service  One-stop-shop  Customization and flexibility to match with market needs  Expertise and know-how at all stages  All processes in house  Group strength  Benefit from technology know-how of leading European companies  Strong customer portfolio  Market oriented investments  Quality products  Customized products matching your technological requirements  Sophisticated products for high demands on quality, accuracy and reliability  Constant technology development Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016
  12. 12. I 12I Medical Application Examples 08.03.2016Cicor AMS Division Implants PacemakerHearing aid Eye pressure sensorCatheter
  13. 13. I 13I Medical Application Examples 08.03.2016Cicor AMS Division I/R Sensor Galileo SAR- Transponder Silicon Tracker Module MEMSScanner
  14. 14. I 14I Medical Application Examples 08.03.2016Cicor AMS Division Airbag NetworkT/R Module HF LinesWatches
  15. 15. I 15I We look forward to a pleasant cooperation! Further information: Cicor AMS Division 08.03.2016