Zippy Shell USA, LLC Franchise Brochure


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The Zippy Shell Concept is a unique business opportunity, changing the landscape of the storage industry. We combine a cost efficient model with dynamic marketing strategies to enable you to build a successful & sustabinable self storage franchise.

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Zippy Shell USA, LLC Franchise Brochure

  1. 1. + Unique + Storage + OpportunityThe Zippy Shell Concept is a unique business opportunity, changing the landscapeof the storage industry. We combine a cost efficient model with dynamic marketingstrategies to enable you to build a successful & sustabinable self storage franchise.
  2. 2. 21 Zippy Shell named top franchise concept As seen in Entrepreneur Magazine. Top Franchising Trends - 2010 Opportunity + The storage business is being For the customer it provides all the transformed by new technology & convenience of mobile self business systems developed by storage. For the franchisee it is Zippy Shell USA, LLC. simple to operate and offers one of the lowest cost entries into the self A The franchise opportunity storage business. comprises new equipment, Self management systems & marketing techniques. The opportunity is now being offered to entrepreneurs interested Storage Zippy Shell Franchisees provide in the self-storage market with a product that has clear advantages Revolution convenient and affordable self- storage services to customers by over its competitors. delivering the unique Zippy Shell Visit today to see Unit right to the door of the the service in action. customerʼs home or business. Once the customer has completed This opportunity is limited and packing the Zippy Shell Unit the exclusive. Zippy Shell USA, franchisee collects and returns it to LLC provides its franchisees a Zippy Shell warehouse where with the ability to develop a the goods are stored until the stable and smooth recurring customer requests to have them income stream. returned. 2
  3. 3. +Innovative Growth PotentialAffordable ConvenienceRecurring Income 3
  4. 4. + Evolution Or a Zippy Shell revolution ? 1960 1980 1998 2010 Wooden storage Self storage crates enable Mobile storage and moving becomes moving becomes a Zippy Shell mainstream companies to LAUNCHES in the US enter the self mainstream storage market offer+ 4
  5. 5. Utilize our systems + Marketing expertise + Training & supportA Turn Key Self Storage Franchise + 5
  6. 6. Innovation+Efficiency pellentesque:6
  7. 7. + Growth Want to enter an industry with a track record ? Number of Self Storage Facilities in the US 60,000 ? 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 2000 2010 2015 ? Interesting self storage facts from the * 2011 self storage almanacAverage occupancy Average length Average size of % of residential of a storage of stay in customers in facilities facility storage storage 76% 16mths 47,000 square feet 70%
  8. 8. 21 Income Streams: • Storage fees. • Delivery fees. • Packing supplies. • Boxes. • Moving services. + Generate A Recurring Income Lower capital requirements. Storage containers can A simple delivery system. As a registered amount to over 80% of the capital investment in a mobile vehicle, Zippy Shell Unit can be towed by a self storage business. In some markets, you rent the standard pick-up and parked in the street. required number of Zippy Shell Units and / or containers – Additionally, they cause no damage to driveway this provides huge savings when compared to the or pavements. competition. A truly unique market presence. You have the No warehouse contract. With the support infrastructure ability to place advertising on the Zippy Shell of Zippy Shell USA, LLC there is no need to acquire a Unit. This large, highly visible outdoor marketing warehouse – keeping your overheads low and the tool will turn heads. business operation simpler. One of the most secure mobile storage Proprietary distribution. A large number of customers solutions. Customer goods are locked inside the who go into self storage do so at the point of a real estate Zippy Shell Unit by the customer and the Zippy transaction. We train you to access these unique Shell Unit is also locked and equipped with an distribution channels by identifying and partnering with alarm system. Zippy Shell Units have rd key 3 parties, such as real estate brokers and agents. global positioning systems also tracking 8
  9. 9. + Proactive How do you grow your franchise ?Market The Service Take Bookings Deliver The Zippy Shell UnitThe objective of your In a competitive marketplace Delivering the Zippy Shellmarketing strategy is to where self-storage businesses Unit and setting up the servicedevelop a set of activities that aggressively compete, ready to be used by thecan allow your business to explaining the service benefits Customer is an essential part ofconcentrate its resources on over the phone is a key element the business.the greatest opportunities to in building your Zippy Shellincrease storage sales. Storage franchise. The delivery lends itself to being more of a customer serviceYou will work towards achieving Your phone sales skills can be function and can be developedtop of mind awareness with the differentiator in building a as an integral part of youryour brand and establish a great storage business. overall operating system.sustainable competitiveadvantage over your If you have the ability to work Building rapport at the point ofcompetition. Your marketing with a partner or a spouse, they sale will enable you to generatestrategy will be centered on the may be able to assist in the word of mouth referrals. Youkey benefits of the Zippy Shell companyʼs growth if they have can also sell storage relatedstorage system; convenience good sales and communication products to customers.and affordability. skills. 9
  10. 10. Bookings can Customer be made over Step 1 books the Internet or telephone The You deliver franchisee the Zippy Step 2 uses their Shell Unit delivery vehicle+ How The Service Works Customer Customer loads their Step 3 loads belongings into the Shell You store the Store containers at Step 4 containers an approved warehouse10
  11. 11. + Affordable How can the franchise be so affordable ? Innovation + Efficiencies + Expertise + Volume Low Territory Fee Storage containers can amount to over 80% of the capital investment in a mobile self storage business. + The ability to purchase the Zippy Shell storage containers, which are in some cases 50% Cost Effective Warehousing cheaper than alternative mobile self storage Rent space on a variable rate containers and lease warehouse space on an as needed basis from warehouse providers, Up to 50% cheaper than alternative self thus providing huge savings. storage containers Warehouse providers may also provide all of the11 warehouse labor, leaving you to focus on generating and servicing your customers.
  12. 12. Convenient + Affordable + Storage+Zippy Shell USA LLC2,500 Harborside Plaza 5, 25th FloorJersey City, NJ 07311 © 2011 Zippy Shell USA, LLC. Each Provider is Independently Owned and Operated. This is not an offer for the sale of a franchise. Any offer will be888.830.9642 made in conjunction with providing a Franchise Disclosure Document. Do not rely on any of the information contained in this document when whether or not to purchase a Zippy Shell Franchise from Zippy Shell, USA LLC.