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Effective Elevator Pitch


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This presentation covers the essential elements of a 30-60 second elevator Pitch. It is designed to be basic and set the stage for discussion and hands-on exercises to develop, practice and pitch an idea or company.

Published in: Investor Relations
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Effective Elevator Pitch

  1. 1. Why Everyone Needs an Elevator Pitch Photo: Jeremy Snell,
  2. 2. What is an Elevator Pitch?The opportunity to present your idea to anyonewho will listen and provide feedback• Conversational• 60 seconds or less• Think in terms of a well crafted adYour pitch should educate and create interest Photo: Chuck Tofu,
  3. 3. Elevator Pitch Example Example and Discussion #1:
  4. 4. What Makes an Effective Elevator Pitch Focus on your audience, not your cool thing • High points only • Make the problem, solution & opportunity clear • What does your listener want to hear? What hook will make your audience respond with “I want to learn more” Photo: Dan Eriksson,
  5. 5. Make an ImpressionCapture attention in the first sentences• Create eagerness for your audience to learn more• Be enthusiastic & convey your passionYour pitch reflects on you & your idea/business• Investors make snap judgments• First impressions are lasting impressions Photo: Dan Eriksson,
  6. 6. Elevator Pitch Example Example and Discussion #2:
  7. 7. Practice Makes PerfectEngage:• Practice with today’s assigned partner• 30 second pitch• Listen closely!• Expect good feedback on content, style and interestShare:• Your assigned partner pitches for you today• You pitch for your partner Photo: Martin Gommel,
  8. 8. Rick CoplinVenture Acceleration Director TechColumbus