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Outdoor Theatrics Crew 502


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Crew 502 Kodiak SuperActivity CO

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Outdoor Theatrics Crew 502

  1. 1. Outdoor TheaTrics April 9th – April 15thCrew 502 – Kodiak / Corps of Discovery
  2. 2. Vision!
  3. 3. Our VisiOn
  4. 4. Presentation Outline!• Trek itinerary and menu• Whose in charge!• Budget• Outdoor achievements• Theatre (continuation of bronze)• Hiking• Service
  5. 5. Menu!Menu!!!!!! Breakfast Lunch DinnerMonday $$$(airport) $$$(Mexican) Grilled cheese, tomato soupTuesday Eggs, bacon, toast $$$(Boulder) Salmon, fried rice, asparagus, cobblerWednesday French toast, fruit Chocolate, Sandwiches, chips Hamburgers, chipsThursday Fruit salad, granola Trail mix, fruit, protein bars $$$(Dinner Theatre)Friday Eggs, bacon, bagels Caesar wraps Walking tacosSaturday Cereal, fruit Light trail mix, sandwiches Hobo mealsSunday $$$(Egg an’ I) $$$(optional) travel $$$(optional) travel
  6. 6. Officers!!!• Kodiak Guide- Kaitlin (Commission Guide, CO Contact provider, facilitate daily go-no go decision )• Safety Officer- Mary (collects permission forms, in charge of crew 1st aide kit, make sure everyones ready for the next trek (health wise)• Quarter Master- Rachel (collects and manages trip budget, checks each member’s gear prior to outing)• Logistics Officer- Riede (checks weather reports night before outing, in charge of schedule)
  7. 7. BudgeTCrew Budget Personal BudgetGroceries= Eating out=Skiing= other=Theatre=Gas= total=Van=Entrance parks= total=
  8. 8. Outdoor achievements: Kodiak• Applied leadership skills in the outdoors. The next step in challenge from NLYT (classroom vs. app. of skills outdoors) -youth taught commissions -crew participation in outdoor lessons
  9. 9. Outdoor Achievements: COD (Corps of Discovery)• Commitment to servant leadership by acknowledging the interest of servant leadership in our daily lives -wolf sanctuary conservation project -repairing fence for our host family (service project)
  10. 10. Outdoor Achievements: BSA LNT• Commitment to preserving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. – Teach new members LNT Principals -- Practice principals throughout the trek.
  11. 11. TheaTre
  12. 12. infO fOr TheaTerBoulder Dinner Theater Madcap Theater“The Drowsy Chaperone” “Improv”Musical 1 hour showDinner theater Made up on the spot“Broadway in Boulder” Anything can happen!
  13. 13. hiking• Skiing at Eldora (Wednesday)• Drive “peak to peak” (scenic highway)• Hike Brenard lake in Indian peaks reservation (Thursday)• Hike Flat Irons in Boulder (Saturday)• Hike Bear lake in Rocky Mountain National Park (Sunday)
  14. 14. Approvals CollectedCrew 502• Council approved Tour Plan• District approved KodiakPersonal• BSA Medical Forms (parts A-D)• Liability Form (wolf sanctuary)• Crew 502 Indemnity and Medical Release Form• Kodiak Course Personal Authorization Form