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Iseos brochure ricardo


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Why attend the International SEO School?

Improve the knowledge of your online marketing team - reducing costs and improving performance

Bring new team members up to speed quickly

Opportunities for site reviews of your own website and bespoke advice on the specific issues you're facing

In-depth, personal, face to face training

Networking with other international marketing professionals to share knowledge and experiences
Focus exclusively on international challenges in SEO, PPC or Social Search

Keep abreast with the latest trends and

Tutors experienced and specialised in international search marketing - with lots of knowledge to share!

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Iseos brochure ricardo

  1. 1. International SEO School BarcelonaWhat’s Included?The courses It doesn’t end on day 3…The courses are designed to get all attendees involved, with Attendees of the International SEO Course get on-goinglots of practical sessions, group exercises and discussions. support, long after they have left the course.Networking with the other delegates is an importantelement, as there is so much to be learnt from theexperience of others. It isn’t 3 days of non-stop powerpoint Access to Global Centralor a sales pitch. A global search marketing management tool, which includes in-depth insights into a wide range of international online marketing topics, in the form of articles, reports, whitepapers and presentations. What is included? School Alumni Group on LinkedIn Stay in touch with fellow delegates and connect with those from other courses to ask questions, share experiences and 3 Full Days of Training support each other in your international search activity. Certificate of Course Completion Personal Advisors You’ll be assigned a personal advisor within WebCertain to Lunch and refreshments each answer any follow up questions after the course and provide day on-going support. Group Meal Wednesday evening Access to Global Central Insights Tel : +44 (0) 330 330 9000 Web : Email : 3