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Global Central Analytics Presentation


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Global Central Analytics Presentation

  1. 1. International Know-How Shared Overview
  2. 2. Your Campaign Performance Tracking Made Easy Track all your international digital marketing activities on one platform
  3. 3. Retrieve, combine & understand your data
  4. 4. Currently Integrated Data Sources • Google Analytics • Marketo • SiteCatalyst • Google Webmaster Tools • Google AdWords • Bing Ads • Yandex.Direct • Baidu Phoenix Nest • Yandex Metrica Can’t find the platform you are currently using? Ask us to add it!
  5. 5. 1. Organic Global Rankings
  6. 6. Organic Global Rankings – Visibility Make sure your websites are visible, in all your target markets You can filter by website, by region and set reporting period and the period it should compare to.
  7. 7. Visibility Score The Visibility Score is calculated from ranks of keywords from top 30 positions. The visibility score is the sum of the points given to a website.
  8. 8. Organic Global Rankings – Visibility
  9. 9. Organic Global Rankings Keywords Track your keywords rankings
  10. 10. Organic Global Rankings - Keywords keyword abc keyword abc keyword abc keyword abc keyword abc
  11. 11. Keyword Click Through Rate Over Time
  12. 12. 2. SEM Data
  13. 13. SEM Data Retrieve and analyse SEM data from various search engines in one place only! • Country: Country were we have had PPC activities • Impressions: The number of times an ad is seen • Clicks: The number of clicks • Cost: Money spend in country • CPC: Cost per click • Avg. Position: Average paid ads position • Registrations: Actions recorded • CPR: Cost per registration • Leads: Another type of action recorded • CPL: Cost per lead • Conv. Rate (Reg): Conversion rate - turning lookers into buyers - for registrations • Conv. Rate (Lead): Conversion rate - turning lookers into buyers - for leads • CTR: Click Through Rate
  14. 14. SEM Data
  15. 15. SEM Data
  16. 16. 3. Executive Summary
  17. 17. Premium Subscription Diagnostic Reports Year on Year Comparison Mobile vs Desktop Organic Rankings Custom Reporting
  18. 18. Questions? About Webcertain – An Overview of Webcertain Services and Approach Global Central Best Practice – Fountain of Knowledge for Digital Marketers