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Nachos practical presentation_3


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Nachos practical presentation_3

  1. 1. Nachos Practical Presentation 3 Teammates: Daniel Ricardo Jorge Jose
  2. 2. Server-Client model
  3. 3. ProposalOne of our machines is capable of perform very hardcomputation.The rest of our machines cant perform that kind ofcomputation.We need to do hard computation, and we have access to themachines that perform not so good.We need to propose a solution.
  4. 4. Server-Client solutionWe use the best machine to compute what the other machinesneed.That machine is the server and the other are the clients.Clients make requests to the server and get results.
  5. 5. Pseudocode of the modelServer Client
  6. 6. Python server code
  7. 7. Python client code
  8. 8. Nachos code modified
  9. 9. Nachos code modified