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  1. 1. Motown
  2. 2. Berry Gordy • Hits the pop charts with his song “Reet Petite” • Same year he quits his upholstery job • Jan. 1958 he launches Motown( originally Tamla) • 1960 settles in Detroit
  3. 3. “That’s the only name I can think of that expresses what I want it to be - a hip name for a factory where hits are going to be built” - Berry Gordy
  4. 4. Social Context• Racial Integration of popular music• Civil Rights Movement• Most were only exposed to popular music through records or 45rpm• Artists recieved backlash - turned down from white hotels when touring.• Young generation used music to rebel against senseless wars and inequality
  5. 5. The Motown Sound• Gospel, pop, R&B, Jazz, Doo-woop, and country that was created and performed by black artists.• melodic electric bass-guitar lines; blaring horn sections• Call and Response originating from Gospel music• KISS principal “Keep it simple, stupid.”• The Funk Brothers• Overdubbing (Duplicating Instrumentation)• Simple love songs with simple stories
  6. 6. Performance QuickTimeª and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  7. 7. • Maxine Powell created a “finishing school” for all the acts• “Good enough to perform for kings”• Cholly Atkins was brought in to teach all the acts their moves• The Four Tops
  8. 8. Smokey Robinson• Wrote over 1,000 songs, earning the title “Mr. Motown”• With Gordy from the beginning
  9. 9. Marvin Gaye• Tammi Terrell - died from brain tumor• Fueled by new independence from Anna Gordy “Let’s Get it On” - 1973• The hit caused him to switch the focus from his politically charged songs• A classic Motown single, begining with the three great wah-wah notes that throw back to a vintage Fifties melody
  10. 10. The Supremes• The Supremes had 12 number one hit singles between 1964-1969• Fueled the crossover to a white audience• 1967 renamed Diana Ross & The Supremes• Only act that was able to take on The Beatles and Beach Boys
  11. 11. Diana Ross “Women had been the inspiration of my life since childhood. They were what inspired me to do everything- create, make money, win.” - Berry Gordy “Women had been the inspiration of my life since childhood. They were what inspired me to do everything- create, make money, win.” - Berry Gordy • Gordy’s favoritism caused a large rift to form in the once family like company • Fueled The Marvellettes to drop from the label • Desire to make her a huge superstar• Success of The Supremes dropped after she left• “Most successful female music artist in history” - Billboard Magazine
  12. 12. The Temptations• The first to earn a grammy with the song “Cloud Nine”• R&B, doo-wop, funk, disco, and soul• Plagued by interchanging members• Each member had a chance to be ‘lead’• Popularized the Motown style
  13. 13. Stevie Wonder• Steveland Morris• “We can’t keep calling him the eighth wonder of the world”• Joined Motown at the age of eleven after the performance at Apollo Theatre• Fingertips (Part 2) - Youngest in history to top Billboard
  14. 14. The Jackson 5 • First large act out of Motown’s new headquarters in LA • First four major singles all topped the Billboard Charts • Crossed over to the white audience of Teen Idols• Replaced Supremes in main marketing target• 1971 - Motown chose to start Michael Jackson’s solo career
  15. 15. Heading West• After the ’67 Riots in Detroit, Gordy looked to expand west - mainly Los Angeles• “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” - teamed up the two hottest acts• Distracted by Hollywood, tried to take on creating movies staring Diana Ross - Mahogany and Lady Sings the Blues• 1988 Motown was sold to MCA for $61 million