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A Look at Businesses Journey Related to Content Marketing


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The results of chatting with 4 large companies who are investing and significantly involved in content: where they are at; organizational changes; skill sets, agency relationships and customer data

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A Look at Businesses Journey Related to Content Marketing

  1. 1. Looking at the Content Marketing Journey in 5 Leading Companies
  2. 2. The Content and Brand Journey in Several Leading Companies To understand how large global brands are adapting to being “content producers” – its impact on organizations; their approach and partner relationships 1 Selected 4 Fortune 100 companies to interview.
  3. 3. The Content and Brand Journey On a scale of 1-5 how far along is your company in being a “publisher” of content 1 2 3 4 5 Nascent underway regular integral Excelling Beginner started some component regular prod’n momentum • 80% ranked themselves as a “3” • regular with some momentum • 100% identified as a priority, wanting to get to “5”
  4. 4. 5 1. Is underway and having an impact on company structures, business processes, interactions with agencies and resources 2. Adoption to becoming content producers is still a work in progress for most companies 3. Content marketing is changing perspectives and “rules” for what the future may look like inside a large company, as well as its’ relation with traditional agency suppliers 4. Customer engagement is important and measured in diverse ways The Content Journey in Fortune Companies
  5. 5. “I’m always suspicious of anyone who tries to “bag the truth” to early. I just think we are still at an early stage on this front. The field is fluid and continues to get more complex and competitive; son of Pinterest will emerge; Twitter continues to defy expectations; you can’t set rules now and expect them to hold up…Frankly, we are still learning a lot and I don’t want it to be too codified until we explore more ground and really have a solid sense of what is most effective across markets and brands. Right now we have a lot of flexibility to work at it and try things rather than tightening screws on some rigorous process.” Global Head of Social “To feed this content beast every day takes a lot of work and it’s a huge logistical challenge too; it requires us to think about how we are structured, how we pay for things, and it is also a tremendous cultural shift, impacting how we staff and the talents and skill set mix changes that we need to make over time” Head of Social COE
  6. 6. Content Responsibilities & Production Who is responsible for content? • 90% of respondents mentioned they are on a journey or that is a bit of a mix right now. • 100% of respondents talked about integration across marketing disciplines or around “brand management” • All noted the importance of brand/company strategic leadership • Most respondents mentioning they are building up their skill base in just the last year The Business/ Marketing Team “not another set of separate disciplines but rather integration. It is all about an integrated business strategy. We are just at the cusp of all of this.” Director, Social COE
  7. 7. Content Responsibilities & Production Organizational Considerations: • Defining clear roles and responsibilities, processes, as well as approvals, is often a work in progress • Getting everyone to the table with social content is critical: SEO, Legal, the Brand manager, traditional marketers • Organizations as “content publishers” includes a logistical process of huge undertaking and new skills. • There is also a shift related to market research/“customer insights” as organizations adopt listening and content “data” into these research functions Bringing the business together “If you, as brand leader, assume a legal risk, you have a responsibility to understand the legal risk and be held accountable for it. This gets you to a different and more collegial working approach.” Innovation Manager ul/4248415006/sizes/o/in/photostream/
  8. 8. “Agencies play a really really important role and where we see really great results there is a strong agency partnership” Social COE Head Agency Partnerships Valued and Subject to Change • All respondents noted a high degree of reliance on agency assistance for “production”; Brands guide content marketing but they are not expert at “content.” • The integration of paid, owned and earned is critical to large companies/brands. • New, more agile marketing materials, not just from advertising/creative but whoever is best at it. • Most respondents said they are looking at new models related to agency management and interaction • Several companies are looking to media oriented businesses whose business is content (i.e traditional media like The New York Times to new media outlets such as Buzzfeed, Gizmodo or Gawker; as well as blog platforms like a Blogher and Federated media) 10 “Brands are not experts at content the way media companies are. Fundamentally, we are in the media business; so some of our resources will start going there…they are media companies, afterall...” Global Head of Digital
  9. 9. The Company- Agency Skill Set Partnership On a 5 point scale (1 – not important, 5 – important), assess the roles and imperatives of internal vs. external support around content 28 Company Skill Sets (rank order by F100 Respondents) 1. Strategic Leadership (Ranked a 5 by all respondents) 2. Monitoring Listening (Ranked 4 by most respondents) 3. Measurement Analyses Community Management Engagement (ranked 3 by most respondents) 4. Web Design, Writing, SEO/SEM, Multi-media production (all ranked 2) Agency Skill Sets (rank order by F100 Respondents) 1. Multi-media production, Web Design, Writing, Monitoring Listening Measurement (Ranked as 4 by majority of respondents) 2. Community Management Engagement, Strategic Leadership (Ranked a 3 by most respondents)
  10. 10. Content Responsibilities & Production What to Watch for: • Integrated and merged marketing teams rather than separate disciplines; less “campaign” and more “always on” orientation • Content becoming closely intertwined with other parts of business – including customer research and insights • 100% noted shifting resources • 2/3 of respondents suggested the “role” of community manager will change, i.e think about the importance of timely content activation/sponsorship; not something a traditional media buying company is on top of, but it is a media buy “we need to expand our “content” beyond that core capability or traditional marketing materials and into more diverse types of content, more agile content, smaller forms of content that are more timely, as well as can be used in more diverse distribution networks. Today the processes are quite siloed and where we are going is to be more collaborative and sharing both of information and insights as well as content. The resources will also shift to foster working across different business divisions” Social COE Lead and Head of Corp Communications
  11. 11. Content & The Customer “Im increasingly coming to believe that consumers don’t care who publishes the content as long as meaning and relevance to them and helps them lead better more complete lives. Because of the reach of large brands and their budgets you will see a lot more coming from brands in the future.” Global Head, Digital Our job is to touch and engage as many people where this is relevant…so really it is about awareness and engagement. The driver you want to drive back to is consistent measurement. We can’t have digital measurement that does not add up. That’s how we look at things…We look at did it reach people and then do they do anything with it (direct and indirect)—it’s not always the sharing or liking…. Director, Innovation /Social COE “Our customer insights team is working to document the 'sum of the whole' versus the individual piece parts in showing consumer decision making..” Head of Social Media COE
  12. 12. Content: the Customer & Engagement What is meaningful: • Did it reach people and did they do anything with it • Some have benchmarks of what their average engagement with a piece of content is; therefore focus to regularly achieve that “average” or do better – continually doing content marketing better; • Innovate to drive more engagement • Common forms of measurement include: likes, shares, comments, traffic, share of conversation; some have their own internal mathematical equations of the above we know we can no longer just buy customers’ attention; we have to earn it through quality and meaningful content….and that content is smaller and reaching smaller audiences, but we are also producing a whole lot more content….Social content is more targeted and therefore one might suggest it is more efficient (less wasteful) than TV ads Head of Corporate Communications and Head of COE
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