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Richard Mitchell. Freelance Copywriting and Content.


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I'm Richard Mitchell. I am a freelance copywriter, with many years experience, specialising in technology, B2B and financial writing.

I write web content, print, newsletters, ads, brochures, DM, white papers... Whatever you need to make your marketing work. Call me on 07903311731

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Richard Mitchell. Freelance Copywriting and Content.

  1. 1. Richard MitchellFreelance Copywriting
  2. 2. Brochures Making long copy compelling, forfinancial, technical and B2B clients.
  3. 3. Direct Mail Pushing the envelope Anyone can write a letter. Not everyone can make readers respond.Traditional DM is still a powerful marketingsolution. Let me showyou just how powerfulit can be.
  4. 4. Financial. Because there’s no such thing as easy money.Financial copy has to do more than simply sell. Ithas to negotiate a minefield of legislation, reluctantcustomers and brand guidelines. I can lead you through that minefield, and into theland of increased sales that lies beyond.
  5. 5. Complex web content
  6. 6. Technology B2C - First create understanding. Then, sell.There are many levels of technical writing. Whatever their level ofknowledge, I give your readers the explanation they need - and get theresponse you want.
  7. 7. Hi-techSophisticated technology needssophisticated writing.
  8. 8. Integrated communicationsEmail and the internet provide endless opportunities. An integrated campaigncan produce response and sales in the shortest possible time. Let me write yours.
  9. 9. Press ads – unlock the powerMemorable headlines and persuasive detailed copy when youwant direct response. I make ads work harder. Isn’t that what youwant your ads to do?
  10. 10. Automotive – copy that is drivenUnderstand the technicalities and feel the passion.
  11. 11. Travel – copy to take you furtherFrom mailings to brochures and websites, I write copythat makes the distant desirable.
  12. 12. Newsletters and magazinesThe extras that make you want to read all about it.
  13. 13. Property – building businessBrochures, web, mailings and newsletters.Turning construction into homes.
  14. 14. Now, what can I do for you?Call me on 07903 311731