Increase Call Centre Productivity by upto 300%


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Increase Call Centre Productivity by upto 300%

  1. 1. Ques on.How Can You Increase Your CallCentre’s Produc vity by up to 300%?Answer.A Daviker TouchStar Predic ve Dialler
  2. 2. = + +Increase Your Call Centre Produc vity byup to 300% with the Daviker TouchStarPredic ve Dialler and Call Centre SystemTouchStar is a feature rich call centre system that has been proven to improve produc vity by up to 300% whilst also improvingefficiency, accountability and profitability in any contact centre opera on.Triple Agent Talk TimeOn average, outbound agents dialling manually spend 16 minutes in every hour engaging in produc ve contact. However, theTouchStar predic ve dialler ensures answer machines, no answers, dead numbers and busy numbers are screened out whichmeans agents are connected to a far higher propor on of live contacts. From this, the 16 minutes of produc ve agent me triplesto an average of 47 minutes in every hour - all at an equivalent cost of less than £1 per agent, per hour including support.A Complete Call Centre Solu on A fully blended predic ve, power and preview dialler that will allow you to specify your dialling behaviour for each of your campaigns. It can blend inbound and outbound calls whilst s ll ensuring that your call centre works within all DMA, FSA and OFCOM guidelines. Real me data penetra on is maximised through TouchStar’s market leading data recycling rules allowing call centres to obtain maximum return on investment on the cost of data.. Inbound and Outbound call recording, including an easy to use search facility that allows you to search by me & date, telephone number, agent name, campaign name, call outcome, unique reference number or any combina on. Enhanced, tunable Answer Machine detec on which will ensure maximum detec on whilst minimising false posi ves. A VOIP capable system able to u lise VOIP technology internally (VoIP Agents) and externally (SIP Trunks). Agents can be anywhere within your Local or Wide Area Network e.g. home workers and remote agents.
  3. 3.  Extensive real me and historical repor ng on agents, teams, lines, campaigns and data penetra on. Advanced scripts with logical branching that allows agents to become experts in the delivery of dialogue and collec ng customer informa on maximising any up-selling and cross-selling opportuni es. The scrip ng tool allows you to create and modify your own scripts. Seamless integra on with your exis ng CRM applica on presen ng the correct record to an agent when an outbound call is ini ated or an inbound call is received. Data can be passed in real- me between TouchStar and your CRM. Inbound func onality which includes a feature rich IVR Pla orm, ACD with skills based rou ng and inbound priori sa on. Ability to integrate with your exis ng telephone system or to work completely independently of any telephone system. Voice Broadcas ng with op onal text-to-speech elimina ng the requirement for human interven on for tasks such as payment reminders or appointment confirma ons. Integra on with exis ng company websites enabling TouchStar to dial leads automa cally from the website within seconds of the web form being submi ed. Audible monitoring of the agents with the added benefit of being able to coach without the external party hearing. This func onality can be performed from any internet connected PC anywhere in the world.Call Centre Support and Services Provided By Daviker So wareProviding value for money for our customersis of paramount importance to us - when yougrow, we grow. Daviker provides a first classa ercare service that ensures you get the mostout of the TouchStar system. 24x7x365 Support from UK Based Engineers Monthly Free of Charge Ongoing Training for Call Centre Managers Expert Non-Sales Focused Account Management Call us on 0845 250 80 30 or visit
  4. 4. Is a Daviker Solu on Affordable?Yes it is! Daviker provides affordable and flexible financing for all our solu ons. With return on investments measured in weeksand not years, can you afford not to?A Mul -Channel Call CentreThere is a technological revolu on taking place with customers u lising many different types of media to communicate and maketransac ons. Daviker has recognised this and developed a range of engines that augment and enhance the func onality of theTouchStar Predic ve Dialler and Call Centre System. The greater the flexibility of your contact strategy, the greater the likelihoodof posi ve outcomes such as sales, collec ons or reminders. SMS Engine: You can send clients text messages through the TouchStar system. For example, you could text a reminder for payment, a text on sale or details of an offer that the client can respond to and immediately prompt a callback. Wallboard Engine: The Daviker Wallboard Engine provides an array of real me sta s cs detailing campaign and agent informa on to the en re call centre or a specific team within the call centre. it also develops informa on from your CRM. Secure Automated Payment Engine: You can securely take credit or debit card payments, 24/7/365 - either with or without an agent processing the call. This helps your business become PCI compliant and allows repeat transac ons to be undertaken.TouchStar Call Centre ClientsDaviker’s clients opera ng the TouchStar system spanthe following industries: Collec ons & Bailiff Services Debt Management & IVA companies Outsourced Telemarke ng Claims Management Food and drink supplies Loans and Mortgages Insurance products U lity Sales Telecommunica ons Mobile Phone Supplies Home Improvements Daviker’s value-added engines combined with B2B Sales a TouchStar system provide your call centre with a mul -channel contact solu on that fully integrates with any back office system. Call us on 0845 250 80 30 or visit OfficeCity View House, 5 Union Street, Manchester M12 4JDSouthern Office306 East Wing, Sterling House, Langston Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 3TS Main Daviker Website: