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Why do I need to understand business?


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Why do I need to understand business?

  1. 1. Why Do I Needto UnderstandBusiness? Richard Veryard, in association with Unicom
  2. 2. Why don’t organizations do what they say?Clockwork Snakepit Everyone knows what the organization  Everything is always falling apart. Your is all about, and is concerned solely first concern is to make sure it doesn’t fall with carrying out its mission on you. People are basically happy in their work  Nobody really knows what is going on. Level of anxiety is low But everyone wants to know, because there People interact and cooperate without is danger in not knowing. friction. Mutual support.  Anxiety and stress are constant Management problems are easily solved companions. with proper skills and correct  People deal with one another with little techniques. pleasure and considerable suspicion.  Management problems are intractable. Source: Howard Schwartz, Managers feel they’ve done well if they can Narcissistic Process and make it through the day. Organization Decay
  3. 3. Practical RelevanceFor planning, designing andimplementing IT solutions forpeople in organizations … ... you need to know how people work in organizationsFor planning, designing andimplementing IT solutions as ... you need to know howmanagement support tool … management works in organizations.For running IT projects withpeople in organizations … ... you need to know how people work effectively in teams.
  4. 4. Business Awareness WorkshopMaking Sense of Organizations How Accounting Works Business and Environment, Viable  Financial Results and Ratios, Non- Business, Leadership Style Financial Measurement – BalancedHow Organizations Work Scorecard, Management Accounting and Decisions – Forecasting and Budgeting – Taylorism and Work Processes, Business Organization Structure, Technology and Work, Sociotechnical Systems How Management ThinksHow Organizations Feel  Decision-Making and Policy, Command and Control, Organizational Intelligence Organizational Behaviour – Group Dynamics, Bureaucracy and Adhocracy, How Organizations Behave Culture and Empowerment  Legal and Regulatory Issues, BusinessHow Organizations Interact Ethics, Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility Business Strategy and the Competitive Environment, Supply Chain, Service- Oriented Enterprise, Business-as-a- Platform
  5. 5. Workshop StyleEmphasis on Practical Case Studies Multiple Perspectives Making sense of practical  Not just economic and systems business situations perspective Solving practical business  Productivity, efficiency problems  Return on Investment Understanding how IT  But also ethical and social solutions contribute perspective How managers use  Why doesn’t the economic and systems approach always work ? information  What else is going on?
  6. 6. Booking and Enquiries  Next Public Date March 8th Uxbridge   Or speak to Unicom on 01895 256484
  7. 7. Booking and Enquiries  Next Public Date March 8th Uxbridge   Or speak to Unicom on 01895 256484