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How to Winterize Your Mobile Home


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How to Winterize Your Mobile Home

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How to Winterize Your Mobile Home

  1. 1. How to Winterize Your Mobile HomeIf you live in a mobile home, there are many things you have to think about and consider that regularhomeowners do not have to think about. You are probably already aware that bills can reachastronomical levels when you live in a mobile home.This happens because you need to turn the air conditioning up very high to keep your home cool duringthe summer, but you also have to keep your heating system turned up very high to keep your homewarm in the winter. One of the reasons why you must either heat or cool your home so much is becausemobile homes usually do not have great insulation.Reinforce the InsulationReinforcing or even reinstalling the insulation in your mobile home can help you reduce the amount ofmoney you spend on heating or cooling your home by at least $60 per month. This difference can be enormous when implemented over time. You can try to work on your insulation by yourself, but you’ll have to have pretty extensive knowledge of how to complete the task. If you’re intent on doing it yourself, you can look online for tips or go to your local hardware store and talk with an employee. Visiting a hardware store is a good idea anyway. You can go there and buy all the supplies you need. Winterizing your mobile home is very important. Making small changes to help winterize your homewill help you save money, energy, and will help to reduce stress in your life.Keep Cold Air Out and Warm Air InOne of the main things you can do to get started on winterizing your mobile home is to check yourstorm windows. Many mobile homes have storm windows and it is important to make sure that they arein working order.Storm windows will greatly affect how comfortable you feel in your mobile home, so check them everyfew months to make sure they aren’t broken or cracked. Most storm windows are installed on theinterior of your home rather than the exterior.If you find that any of your storm windows are broken or cracked, you can get a glass repair business tofix them. The money that it costs to get your storm windows fixed will definitely be less than the moneyand discomfort it will cost you if you continue to live with faulty storm windows.
  2. 2. Another thing you can do to winterize your mobile home is to try and seal and air leaks you may heararound your house. Wait until a windy day to check for air leaks; this will help you hear where air iswhistling through certain sections of your house.Make sure to also seal around any pipes or wires that under your sinks or in electrical boxes. They willhelp you to save money because you are not wasting energy.Mobile homes in Utah in particular are susceptible to brutal winter conditions. If you a proud owner ofone of the many mobile homes in Utah, take these tips into consideration.They will most likely help you to save money and energy this winter season.