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eSafety 2017


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Use this presentation to engage with parents, teachers and businesses

Published in: Education
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eSafety 2017

  1. 1. EXPLORING SAFELY Richard Smith CEOP Ambassador eCadet Advisor
  2. 2.  Easy  Explore  Excite Why?  Fun  Relaxing  Connecting with others  Coding  Risk taking
  3. 3.  Nearly half of four to seven-year-old children surveyed say they are using a smartphone to get online  66 per cent of Year 7 pupils and 89 per cent of Year 10 pupils use a smartphone, which is the most popular method of accessing the internet  Over half of six-year-olds use a laptop to get online  Games consoles are used mostly by 10 and 11-year-olds with three main platforms (Xbox, Playstation and Wii) being popular  A wide range of other connected devices were being used at home. The most popular devices in the ‘Internet of Things’ category were other consoles such as the Nintendo DS, heating controls, smart meters and portable media devices. Smart fridges and kettles were mentioned but less common. Link
  4. 4. Be ‘Net Aware’
  5. 5. The worst passwords ever
  6. 6. You are unique You Address Name Face Clubs School Phone No
  7. 7. Managing settings  Manage settings provided service provider (ISP)  Manage settings on devices (linked to content)  Manage profile settings (on social media) 
  8. 8. Learning and talking  Talk about the fact that some people make up who they are online  Talk about ‘screen capture’ capabilities  Remember web cams can accessed remotely  Encourage the sharing of worries with people you trust (or contact/report to an organisation)  Educate yourself to stay up to date
  9. 9. Find out more…….. and tell others Richard Smith @amazingict on Twitter