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Presentation given at Sustainability Live 2013, by Richard Shearwood-Porter, Managing Associate at The HSQE Department Ltd. The presentation introduces ISO 50001:2011, explains the business benefits and how it can be implemented. The presentation also explains how ISO 50001 can be used to support the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

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  1. 1. ISO 50001:2011“Less energy conversation – more energyconservation”The business case and path toimplementation
  2. 2. Business benefits• Improve operating costs• Increase sales• Manage risk– Legal compliance– Supply chain resilience– Future-proofing– Meet third-party needsThe HSQE Department Ltd 2
  3. 3. Deming’s PDCA cycleThe HSQE Department Ltd 3
  4. 4. Key Requirements• Commitment to continuous improvement & legalcompliance• Leadership• Resources• Baseline• Planning• Influence over supply chain• Monitoring, measurement & review• Corrective & preventive actionThe HSQE Department Ltd 4
  5. 5. EnMS documents• Scope & boundaries• Policy• Energy planning process• Objectives & targets• Action plansThe HSQE Department Ltd 5
  6. 6. Doing it• Define scope, boundaries & Policy• Appoint management representative & form anenergy management team• Measure baseline, set improvement objectives,develop KPIs• Develop an energy improvement plan• Put the plan into practise• Review progress & take action where neededThe HSQE Department Ltd 6
  7. 7. Certification• ISO 50001 does not require certification• EED may insist on third-party proof• Integration with other management systemsThe HSQE Department Ltd 7
  8. 8. 8“We free you get on with your business”Our capabilities range from practical application of quality,environmental & safety management, to fully certified “ISO”systems.Contact Richard Shearwood-Porter01934 610168 / 07909