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Defining your online marketing strategy


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A simple six-part presentation taking you through the whole business of defining how to build your sustainable online business

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Defining your online marketing strategy

  1. 1. Defining Your Strategy The 6 simple steps to guaranteed success
  2. 2. First Find Your WHY If you are passionate then you will be motivated. Are you building your business for your family, or to help somebody else, or maybe to get out of debt? Find your motivation before you start
  3. 3. Determine Your Goals List the things you need to accomplish in the next week, fortnight, month to move towards your REALISTIC target.
  4. 4. Find Your Number This is the exact amount you will need each week/month to pay for your home and expenses, and also to fund your business GOOD NEWS HERE - it is far less than you imagine! Work it out exactly
  5. 5. Now refine it down… A nerdy bit here. Factor in your earnings AND your costs! Remember the metric that Traffic + Sales - Expenses = PROFIT
  6. 6. Now for your strategy Time to fine tune the whole thing and be very realistic – understanding that it will take time to tweak and master – there will be bad days too!
  7. 7. Well done – so what’s next? Now for the part where most people give up! IMPLEMENTATION! Time to take action and fire up all those great intentions…
  8. 8. Action! Let’s make this happen! Some people actually start at this point and work backwards – I already tried that – TRUST ME HERE This really is the most straightforward way to realise your Vision
  9. 9. RESULT! Now just rinse and repeat… If you would like a detailed version of this, I can send you a FREE 4Gb USB stick with the entire detailed video which we will deliver straight to your door.
  10. 10. Watch Dean Holland’s Free Video Our Free USB Memory stick will be yours as soon as you register for this limited offer. Just go to my blog and hot the banner in the sidebar or paste in this link
  11. 11. I’m Richard Seaton – The Ninja Blogger Thanks for watching this Slideshare You can email me at If you do visit my blog please subscribe