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Creativity in business 7


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  • Richard - Enjoyed your creativity in business slideshare.

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Creativity in business 7

  1. 1. inB U S iN E S S Richard Randolph Community Outreach Director Manasota SCORE
  2. 2. Our Journey Today Why Business Creativity Matters It’s a Messy Process The Kano Model Practical Application (You do it!) Creativity Meter: 90%! Ready?
  3. 3. …creativity is themost importanthuman resourceof all. ~ Edward de Bono
  4. 4. Being good in business is themost fascinating kind of art…good businessis the best art. ~ Andy Warhol
  5. 5. ...intuition and creativityare fast becoming theonlydifferentiatingfactors ~ John Maeda, Presidentamong competitors. Rhode Island School of Design
  6. 6. Creativity is notthe finding of a thing,butmaking somethingout of it after it is found. ~ James Russell Lowell
  7. 7. When NASA first started sending up astronauts,they quickly discovered that ballpoint penswould not work in zero gravity.To combat the problem, NASA scientists spenta decade and $12 million to develop a pen thatwrites in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, onalmost any surface, and at temperatures rangingfrom below freezing to 300 degrees Celsius.
  8. 8. The Russians used a pencil.
  9. 9. Creative thinkingis not a talent, skill thatit is acan be learned. ~ Edward de Bono
  10. 10. Creativity is justconnectingthings. ~ Steve Jobs Wired, February 1996
  11. 11. The brain is awonderful organ;it starts workingthe moment youget up in the morningand does not stop untilyou get into the office. ~ Robert Frost
  12. 12. The chief enemyof creativity is‘good’ sense. ~ Pablo Picasso
  13. 13. The “9 Dots” Activity Think Outside the Box • • • • • • • • •Connect all the dots with no more than four straight lines.
  14. 14. The “9 Dots” Activity Think Outside the • Box • • • • • • • • Where is “the box”?
  15. 15. “The Squiggle” by Damien NewmanUNCERTAINTY / PATTERNS / INSIGHTS CLARITY / FOCUSResearch Concept Prototype Design
  16. 16. It’s a Process! Two Stages of Creative Thinking Divergence ConvergenceCreativity / Idea Generation Evaluation / Innovation Often seen as “messy” Viewed as “orderly / logical” “Agriculture” model “Industrial” model The gap is important!
  17. 17. You don’t have to outrun the bear!
  18. 18. You don’t have to outrun the bear!
  19. 19. The Principle of The Winning EdgeSmall improvements in specific areas over time produce HUGE changes in results.If you “win by a nose” you collect double theprize money of the second-place finisher. +1% = 100%
  20. 20. 2008 U.S. Open Golf Tournament – Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA 1 Tiger Woods 69–71–72–71= 283–71– 4 Payday: $1,350,000 2 Rocco Mediate 72–68–70–73= 283–71–5 Payday: $810,000
  21. 21. Small Differences Mean Big Rewards How much margin of victory do you need? You only need to win by “ a nose”
  22. 22. The Kano Model Dr. Noriaki Kano Professor Emeritus A technique to classify customer Tokyo Rika Universityneeds and determine appropriate (1984) levels of innovation
  23. 23. The Kano Model ElementsMust-be LinearIndifferent Attractive
  24. 24. “Must-Be” (Basic) Factors The ‘table stakes’The least acceptable• Absence leads to dissatisfaction• Satisfying does not create satisfaction – it merely minimizes dissatisfactionExamples:• Toilet rolls in a hotel room. Zero toilet rolls = unhappy Customer Three extra toilet rolls = not unhappy, but not happy
  25. 25. Linear – More is Better ‘Performance’ FactorsConsciously evaluated by the CustomerExpressly in their minds when making a purchase decision • Satisfaction is proportional • Often ‘stated’ needsExamples: • Miles per gallon • Waiting time in line
  26. 26. Indifferent Factors No Impact on PurchaseCustomers just don’t care one way or anotherProduces a “so what?” reaction.
  27. 27. Who cares?
  28. 28. Attractive (Delighters) Excitement FactorsNot expected – Absence will not dissatisfyPresence will delight and increase satisfaction.Provides unexpected satisfaction – a “ wow! ”Example:• Internet access on a plane is not expected so will not upset if not present, but will delight if it is.
  29. 29.  Hands-free Bluetooth calling Example:  Rear View CameraList the Delighters…  Pandora Internet Radio Integration A recent Honda TV ad featuring three “Delighters”
  30. 30. The Kano Model Diagram Completely Satisfied Attractive features delight when present but produce no dissatisfaction when not present Indifferent Dysfunctional Fully Functional Must-be (Basics)Linear attributes / needs Satisfying basic needs minimizesare on their minds when dissatisfaction. Absence or poorpurchasing and are execution leads to dissatisfactionconsciously evaluatedby the customer Completely Dissatisfied
  31. 31. Kano Model Elements Must-be Linear Indifferent Attractive (Basics) (One-dimensional) (Don’t care) (Delighters) Table Stakes More is better So what? Wow! Phone answer “On-hold” music “One Click” Pay on-line speed shopping Ambient 24-hour earlyFlight Ticket / Check-in lines background music on-line check-in;Boarding Pass Business Lounge More cell phone Lower Price features Multiple auto- Lower Interest function camera Rate buttonsPackage arrives Faster Package Color of trucks / Same-day unbroken Delivery uniforms deliveryNot defective Longer Product Automatic, free in the box Life Span upgrades
  32. 32. Kano Model Elements For A Hotel – Business Client Must-be Linear Indifferent Attractive (Basics) (One-dimensional) (Don’t care) (Delighters)Fast Check-in Price Local Newspaper Fitness CenterFast Check-out Location Phone in room Swimming PoolWireless Internet Restaurant Covered parking JacuzziComfortable bed Quality of Towels Multi-color linens Cable / HBOQuick breakfast Room size “Office” SpaceTV in room Size of TV Brand of Control Big-Screen TVToilet Rolls in Quality of paper Hotel Staff Free Valet Parkingroom Uniforms
  33. 33. Kano Model ElementsFor The Same Hotel – Vacation Client Must-be Linear Indifferent Attractive (Basics) (One-dimensional) (Don’t care) (Delighters) Location Price Local Newspaper Swimming Pool Fitness Center Phone in room Wireless Internet Wireless Internet Restaurant Covered parking Comfortable bed Quality of Towels “Office” Space Room size Free Valet Parking Cable TV / HBO Fast Check-in Hotel Staff Big-Screen TV Uniforms Toilet Rolls in Fast Check-out room Restaurant Continental Breakfast
  34. 34. Your Turn! List the Kano Model Elements for Your Own OrganizationMust-be Linear Indifferent Attractive(Basics) (One-dimensional) (Don’t care) (Delighters)
  35. 35. Attractive   Basic The innovations of yesterdaybecome the hygiene factors of tomorrow.
  36. 36. If it’s not done well it could have theopposite effect!
  37. 37. Money – How to Lose it; How to Make itMust Be – where money is lost! “A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one.” ~ Henry FordAttractive – where money is MADE!“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ~ Henry Ford
  38. 38. A lot of times, peopledont know what they wantuntil you show itto them. ~ Steve Jobs Business Week
  39. 39. StrategiesMust Be’s – fulfill 100% – first priorityExciters/Delighters – differentiateLinear – Position for profit
  40. 40. Strategies – New Products and ServicesMust-be (Basics) – Be sure to match competition  Exclude these at your peril – but don’t overdo them!Linear (One-dimensional) – Each one adds greater value  Try for severalIndifferent – you don’t need them  Minimize or eliminateAttractive (Delighters) – Key differentiators  Emphasize / Market
  41. 41. Where to Look for IdeasCategory Look to… • Competitors Must Be • Customer Complaints / Lost Sales • Sales Force Feedback • Competitor Advertising • Customer Complaints Linear • Customer Requests • Sales Force Feedback • Customer Comments Indifferent • Customer Expectations / Specifications • Price Resistance • Customer Complaints Attractive • “Lead Users” • “Innovators” and “Early Majority”
  42. 42. Lead Users1,193 successful innovations9 industries60% came from customers
  43. 43. Every good product I’ve ever seenis because a group of people careddeeply about making somethingwonderful they and their friendswanted.They wanted touse it themselves.
  44. 44. The best way tohave a good ideais to have alot of ideas. ~ Dr. Linus Pauling
  45. 45. SCAMPERSubstitute Combine Adapt Modify Put to other uses Eliminate Reverse
  46. 46. How-ToFollow Up Customers – VOC Voice of the Customer • Complaints • Suggestions Those who did NOT buy from you Sales Force Internal Competitive AnalysisNew Opportunities Gaps New wants / needs
  47. 47. Strategies Distort time Make waiting in lines fun Help people solve problemsRescue Me! (Get people back on track) Make the first experience fun
  48. 48. TacticsPersonalize and Customize nameUse their – welcome back,remember preferencesCustomers will remember you if you canremember their name
  49. 49. A person’s nameis to that personthe sweetest andmost importantsound in anylanguage.
 —Dale Carnegie
  50. 50. Action TipsThere are few things customers talk aboutmore than a pleasant surpriseDesign matters!Your customers are a great resource
  51. 51. People will forgetwhat you said,they will forgetwhat you did,but they willnever forgethow you ~ Maya Angeloumake them feel .
  52. 52. Why This Matters to You Attract new Customers Increase your ‘wallet share’ Increase their purchase frequency Increase spontaneous referrals Block competition
  53. 53. Innovation distinguishesbetween a leader anda follower.The Innovation Secretsof Steve Jobs
  54. 54. Dont worry about peoplestealing your ideas. If yourideas are any good, you’ll haveto ram them downpeople’s throats. ~ Howard Aiken
  55. 55. The true sign of intelligenceis not knowledge but imagination
  56. 56. Heres to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, thetroublemakers, the round pegs in the squareholes... the ones who see things differently –theyre not fond of rules... You can quote them,disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but theonly thing you cant do is ignore them because theychange things... they push the human race forward,and while some may see them as the crazy ones,we see genius, because the ones who are crazyenough to think that they can change the world, arethe ones who do. ~ Steve Jobs
  57. 57. inB U S iN E S S Richard Randolph Community Outreach Director Manasota SCORE