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Learning everywhere - Laura Overton workshop


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Laura Overton, NHS, Yorkshire and the Humber, eLearning, learning technology

Published in: Technology
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Learning everywhere - Laura Overton workshop

  1. 1. Learning Everywhere Workshop- Mobile and Social What works and what doesn’t? Laura Overton Laura@towardsmaturity org Lauraoverton Images courtesy of #YHelearn
  2. 2. Before we start – a quick thank you to Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors! Successful organisations are those that Turn Data into Insight and Insight into action Leading learning organisations who share our passion that independent research should be freely available to all . Many work in the health sector – find out more at
  3. 3. What can we learn? Social learning Improve application of learning 7% Support for personal professional development Generate sharing of user generated content 25% 10% 25% 7% What doesn’t work: Mobile learning Focus on the technology and expect Accessing support at the point of 7% it to achieve results for you! 20% need 10% 13% Learners use own devices 10% Improve employee engagement 0% Lauraoverton #YHeLearn 28% % reporting Benefits - Health 5% 10% % reporting Benefits - Top Q 18% 15% 20% 25% 30%
  4. 4. What is stopping staff from learning on line? 45% Uninspiring content 37% Lack of somewhere appropriate to study 33% Can’t find what they need What are your staff’s biggest barriers to Learning Everywhere? Lauraoverton #YHeLearn
  5. 5. • 3 in 5 L&D professionals think that their programmes are relevant • 69% of L&D teams are developing programmes in house but only 38% agree that they have the internal skills to do it! #1 Barrier Uninspiring content What can we do to inspire? Lauraoverton #YHeLearn
  6. 6. #2 Barrier - appropriate place • 15% encourage users to use their own devices for learning • 23% provide any form of job aids online • 14% encourage learners to share experiences and solve problems using online social media tools How can we provide the right content in the right place? Lauraoverton #YHeLearn
  7. 7. #3 Barrier – can’t find what they need • 44% L&D 40% professionals agree that they have a communications plan that engages all stakeholders say their manager has the most influence on how they learn ( 7% L&D • 18% publicise success of individuals • 25% communicate successes to management How can we communicate better? Lauraoverton #YHeLearn
  8. 8. What works? How do you compare? Designing inspiring Content Lauraoverton #YHeLearn With the learner’s needs at the centre Delivered in the right place and time
  9. 9. Lauraoverton #YHeLearn