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Want to grow your business


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Want to grow your business by developing your own business app? You need to know which kind of mobile apps are more convenient according to your occupation.

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Want to grow your business

  1. 1. Want to grow your business?
  2. 2. It's possible to have your own Mobile App
  3. 3. You need to know which kind of mobile apps are more convenient according to your occupation
  4. 4. First let's know, why mobile app?  Looking at the current tendency, in the marketplace, businesses are becoming online from the last couple of years.  No matter what is the size of business, owners are looking forward to the enlarge their business through all available online resources. Even you notice that small coffee shop or beauty saloons are also available online. Now you can say that how online businesses meet success? And mobile app is easiest way to grow your business.
  5. 5. Developing an app is the best option in today's cyberspace Your business becomes more powerful with the help of web & mobile apps as trends of smartphones, tablets & laptop computers are so high.
  6. 6. How can I reach to specific audiences? Which types of apps I need to develop?
  7. 7. You have to choose best option which is more convenient to your business. But how? Let me discuss all types one by one so you can easily select best one.
  8. 8. Native Mobile Applications Downloaded, installed & run directly on particular device, Fantabulous to use in terms of performance and reliability, Usually beneficial for small and local businesses, Best for promoting your business in any particular area or you want to target any specific audience  Higher user engagement  Smooth User Experience  Easy to Download  Co-ordination with Hardware Costly to develop & time consuming
  9. 9. Web Mobile Applications  Being used on different devices with the only requirement of internet connection and a web browser,  Can not be developed for any particular platform or devices,  Independent to run on any devices or platforms, Web Apps for Business:  Alternative option of native mobile apps for promotion of your business  Cost-effective development  Security  Fulfil your all business requirements in minimum cost
  10. 10. Hybrid Mobile Applications  combine constituent of native and web applications  constructed using HTML 5 & JavaScript  refers in the context of mobile computing Hybrid Apps for Business: Advantages of Hybrid Apps:  Disadvantages of both earlier types are overcome as an advantage in Hybrid apps  Take positives from both and makes a perfect platform for your business  Easier, simple & easy to maintain development  Unlike native apps, you can change platforms anytime  Due to support of multiple platform, gives better user experience
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Eventually we can say that, Almost 40-50 percent of apps will be developed in hybrid technologies in next 1-2 years, The choice of app types, is directly proportional to your requirements. Looking to the features, hybrid apps are more suitable to all types of businesses, so hybrid apps are advisable for your business. Good Luck!!
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