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Top Mobile Application Development Trend in 2016


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Top Mobile Application Development Trend in 2016 - In the following PPT we mentioned 6 Mobile App Development trends of 2016 which helps you to keep your mobile app up-to-date with the latest trends.

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Top Mobile Application Development Trend in 2016

  1. 1. Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2016 Presented By
  2. 2. Apps security to be in focus In 2016 the prime focus will be the high-end security of the mobile application. Developers have to ensure the security of your applications
  3. 3. Cloud-based Application Cloud technology carry on spreading its magic in 2016 because it enables the programmer make small sized apps and synchronized it is several devices.
  4. 4. Enterprise Application Studies anticipate that enterprise applications showing much more traction in 2016 more than consumer applications
  5. 5. Mobile Banking and M- commerce Experts anticipate this trend in the upcoming ages programmers have to concentrate more on developing mobile applications that can do transactions making use of credit cards.
  6. 6. Internet of Things IoT marketplace is likely to grow 31.72 % in 2016. And also, the possibilities are even better with world economic . That will take application development the next stage.
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