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The Best Yoga Apps of the Year


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The Best Yoga Apps of the Year -Have a list of Perfect Yoga Apps which helps you to make healthier & smarter.

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The Best Yoga Apps of the Year

  1. 1. The Best Yoga iPhone and Android Apps of the Year
  2. 2. Yoga Studio: Boasting 65 yoga and meditation classes, this app is aptly named. With Yoga Studio, you can create your own classes, track your progress, and schedule classes. The HD video classes are downloadable, too, so you really can take them anywhere. Each class ranges from 10 to 60 minutes, which makes fitting yoga into your day easier than ever. A dictionary of over 280 poses includes benefits, cautions, and modifications to help you adjust workouts to your ability. iphone application development company
  3. 3. Pocket Yoga: Featuring over 200 pose illustrations instead of photos or videos, Pocket Yoga is an app with plenty of options. Choose from different levels, intensities, environments, and music as the vocal instruction guides you through a sequence of poses. This sleek app is also customizable, allowing you to play music from your own library playlist too. Pocket Yoga tracks your practice and progress, and includes a dictionary that lists the benefits of each pose. iphone application development company
  4. 4. Daily Yoga : Only got five minutes? Daily Yoga provides over 40 programs for a range of experience levels, durations, and fitness goals. The app includes a library of over 300 poses, HD video, and voice instruction to help you follow along and perfect your poses. You can also create your own program. Access to a social community of yogis may also inspire you to keep up iphone application development company
  5. 5. As the name implies, Simply Yoga’s mission is to keep yoga simple: in this case, free, comprehensive, and right at your fingers. Beginners have a range of “Level One” class options in 20, 40, and 60-minute increments. There are a total of 30 poses, all presented via video format for easy viewing and parroting. Challenge yourself by moving on to the next level once you feel comfortable. Simply Yoga : iphone application development company
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