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Html5 wins the battle over native


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HTML5 is a updated version of basic hyper text markup language, and good works as a friendly language for developers. In this we discuss about how HTML5 wins over native app development

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Html5 wins the battle over native

  1. 1. Benefits of HTML5 Over Native Apps
  2. 2. About HTML5 HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and core technology of internet. This is an updated version of hyper text markup language and now a day widely use in HTML5 web development.
  3. 3. Usability of HTML5 in mobile apps development According to the survey developers were interesting to develop windows app that are around 60 to 66 percent. This report is great for Microsoft that they are getting more popular among the mobile app developers. Many developers are interested to work respectively chrome OS, Firefox OS, blackberry and remaining OS respectively 46, 36, 13, 8 percent.
  4. 4. Main focus of HTML5 development survey The main focus of HTML5 survey that which type of apps developers creates using HTML5 technology. 54 percent HTML5 developers focus to create productivity, Apart from making utility and consumer apps are famous among the developers are 38 and 35 percent respectively. Traveling and Games related apps are less popular among the HTML5 mobile app developers.
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