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My top 10 free WordPress plugins


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These are my 10 best free wordpress plugins! I am sure there are many more valuable ones out there. What's yours?
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  • Thanks for the nice list of plugins. I have found Blog Designer Pro an excellent way to design an eye catching Blog page on our website & Avartan Slider Pro plugins to design an awesome slider.
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My top 10 free WordPress plugins

  1. 1. My Top 10 Free Author : Richard Ng WordPress Founder of @ Sep 2012 Plugins
  2. 2. “To protect our blog from spam!” Click HERE to download!
  3. 3. “Floating bar withSocial Share buttons” Click HERE to download!
  4. 4. “To display relatedcontent in blog post” Click HERE to download!
  5. 5. “Real timeupdate when yourblog is updated” Click HERE to download!
  6. 6. “Search EngineOptimization! Noexplanation needed” Click HERE to download!
  7. 7. “Sleek Mobile Theme” Click HERE to download!
  8. 8. “Improve speedand performance of your site” Click HERE to download!
  9. 9. “Advancedfeatures for the Editor” Click HERE to download!
  10. 10. “Stats StatsStats and many more…” Click HERE to download!
  11. 11. “Create custombuttons, boxes and sliders” Click HERE to download!
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