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Bubblews Your Friendly Guide!


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What to make money by writing your world? This simple guide on Bubblews platform is all you need to earn your residual income, online!

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Bubblews Your Friendly Guide!

  1. 1. Bubblews Your Friendly Guide
  2. 2. CONTENT 1 Preface 2 What is Bubblews? 4 The Rules! 3 How it works? 5 The Tags! 6 Important Profiles 7 Why You Might Fail? 8 Connect With Me
  3. 3. 1 PREFACE Thanks for reading this simple guide on Bubblews! I decided to write this guide mainly to help newbie to settle down faster and better! There might be some negative online noises about Bubblews but as long as you play by the rules, you will enjoy your stay here and earning along the way. Frankly, I am not a pioneer in Bubblews but have learned enough of the Dos and Don’ts throughout my stay here. Cheers! From your friendly bubbler (&huasang) Disclaimer : The information in this guide is correct as at the time of publishing.
  4. 4. 2 WHAT IS Bubblews? Bubblews is a Social Networking site with a twist! It allows the writers to earn residual income by writing your world online.
  5. 5. Simple! Write and submit your post. Each view, like (or dislike) and comment will earn you 1 cent each. When you reach the minimum redemption amount of $50, you can redeem it to your PayPal account (make sure you get your PayPal account verified prior to redemption to avoid any delay). Usually, it takes 6 to 8 working days for the money to appear in your PayPal account. This include 72 hours payment processing time by Bubblews and 3 to 5 working days for PayPal to clear the eCheque. The key to success is : WRITE , CONNECT AND INTERACT! For the official page of “How It Works”, click here: 3 HOW IT WORKS?
  6. 6. This is IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you read this before submitting your first redemption. 1. Minimum length of post is 400 characters (not words). Do exclude spaces, header and tags from the count (to play safe). 2. No copying of content from elsewhere. 3. No cheating to gain more traffics (this include abusing the likes/comments through exchange group). 4. No pornographic or semi-pornographic content 5. Write in English only 6. Maximum 10 posts per 24 hours (system will prompt you if you exceeded your quota, so no worry!) For the latest rules and guides, check the following pages : 4 THE RULES!
  7. 7. Two tags that you need to know : 1. The Ampersand (&) tag : Use this to tag user in your post or comment. Example : &huasang (do take note that this is case sensitive). Once tagged, it will turn into a hyperlink and you can click to view the profile of this user. ALERT : Not to over-tag in your post as it might deemed spamming to Bubblews 1. The plus (+) tag : Use this to tag keyword(s) in your post or comment. Example : +Movies. Once tagged, it will turn into a hyperlink and you can click to view all the posts with this keyword. 5 THE TAGS
  8. 8. Following are the important profiles that you definitely want to connect with : 1. Arvind - CEO of Bubblews (&Arvind : He do write regular updates in Bubblews himself) 2. Bubblews helpdesk (&BubblewsHelpDesk : for any questions related to Policy, terms and rules) 3. Bubblews Watcher (&BubblewsWatcher : to report violation/spammers, it will update the accounts that has been deleted) 4. Bubblews Assistance (&BubblewsAssistant : for any query related to redemption, can email : as well) 6 IMPORTANTPROFILES
  9. 9. This is IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you read this before your first redemption. 1. You have violated one or more rule(s) [check the rules again!] 2. Using copyrighted image/photo (not belongs to you) without permission. For the latest rules and guides, check the following pages : WHY YOU MIGHT FAIL? 7
  10. 10. Hope you find this little guide useful. By no means this is a comprehensive guide but it should give you a good base to start your bubbling venture. Feel free to share this guide to others who deemed fit! If you like to connect with me, feel free to reach me at : Bubblews : &huasang Email : Facebook Page : Income 88 ( Happy Bubbling. Cheers! 8 CONNECT WITH ME