Buzzient Enterprise - Making Customer Engagement Social with CRM On Demand


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Buzzient Social CRM - Introduction to the Social Media Challenge, the Buzzient Social CRM application, with a short Oracle CRM On Demand example integration walk-through video. For more information contact for a trial or to watch a demonstration video.

Buzzient Enterprise is the only vendor-independant Social CRM solution capable of working with your current and future hosted, on premise and hybrid applications. Providing integration into many CRM systems and a Social API to extend and configure further integration, Buzzient makes social engagement a part of your enterprise applications without the cost of upgrading to a new application, with flexibility to work with one or multiple applications across your organization.

On Demand Education Ltd is a Buzzient partner.

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  • DN – added a box around the Buzzient logo for emphasis because the first time through I completely missed it. I generally agree about up and to the right positioning, but in this case the chart doesn’t make sense because it’s saying we took the most investment? Perhaps change the positions so they make sense on the axes, but add text to say we have the most support on the least money. (Example on the following slide.)
  • Buzzient Enterprise - Making Customer Engagement Social with CRM On Demand

    1. 1. We Make Customer Engagement SocialOn Demand Education LtdBuzzient
    2. 2. Social Data Creates Problems Enterprise apps are blind to Social Data Enterprises don’t know what customers are saying, tothem, about them, or to 1B+ prospective customers1Property of Buzzient, Inc.
    3. 3. The Solution: BuzzientBuzzient makes Social Media visibleto existing customer engagement applicationsvia SaaS subscriptions2Property of Buzzient, Inc.
    4. 4. How We Do ItBuzzient EnterpriseTM1. Harvests data from social media sources2. Provides a centralized analytics platform3. Turns Systems of Record into Systems ofEngagementProperty of Buzzient, Inc. 3
    5. 5. The App: Buzzient Enterprise™Buzzient captures, analyzes, and enables social media tobe used with multiple customer engagementapplications4Property of Buzzient, Inc.
    6. 6. Standalone Analytics App5Property of Buzzient, Inc. 5
    7. 7. Multiple Application Support67.8.x, 8.x
    8. 8. Property of Buzzient, Inc. 7Buzzient provides the onlycross-vendor engagementlayer for Social CRM inthe Enterprise
    9. 9. Competitive Advantages1. Buzzient is the only social app that integrates social datawith SaaS, hybrid, and on-premise applications2. Buzzient EnterpriseTM can run in the public cloud, privatecloud, or installed on-premise w/OEM Edition3. Buzzient has developed proprietary data crawlers and doesnot rely on third parties like GNIP, Datasift4. Buzzient has proprietary, patented technology for analyzingsocial media sentiment5. Buzzient deploys an API for rapid development ofintegrations with new enterprise applicationsProperty of Buzzient, Inc. 8
    10. 10. More Information• For more information, Case Studies, a freetrial of Buzzient Enterprise go tohttp://www.buzzient.com9