Advocacy, Education, and Action: The Wikipedia Saves Public Art Case Study


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Presentation give by Richard McCoy and Lori Phillips at Museum Computer Network, Austin, TX, October 30, 2010.

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  • Read the articles about the articles about 1M articles
  • Intro from blog post.  
    She’s helped develop an incredible amount of resources that will make this project feasible for museums.
    Segue with point of being at MCN: to provide a resource for museums.
  • Segue from Liam’s question about E-Volunteer program.
    We’ve created an E-Volunteer program that uses the resources developed in Wikipedia Saves Public Art.
    Program provides volunteers a step by step guide to creating Wikipedia articles about notable artworks in your museum’s collection.
    Can be used by volunteers new to Wikipedia or by seasoned who may not be local to the museum. Wikipedians
  • Launching pilot project at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
    Main goal: Share information found in museum with a global audience through Wikipedia
    Just as important: doing this without creating extra work for museum staff.
    We can do this by...
    Creating a clear, step by step guide to learning Wikipedia
    Using the Wikipedia community as a resource
    Link takes you straight into Wikipedia.
  • Set it up to first come to the IMA hub.
    A place to sign up, log hours, and find IMA-specific resources.
    Resources such as links to the online Collections database and the museum library, among others.
    Points you to the main E-Volunteer page to get started.
  • Designed for general use for any art museum
    7 Steps from beginning (which may be learning Wikipedia) to end (publishing and sharing the article).
    The Beginners Page: Set up so anyone can pick up and do it. Not just Wikipedians.
    Compiles all of the best tutorials and most important information
    Steps use W.S.P.A. Resources
  • W.S.P.A. has a series of How-To Guides
    Help to create consistent, quality articles.
    New Article guide
    Style Guide
    Image Guide
  • Here is an example of what an article can look like when all of the W.S.P.A. resources are used.
    Mega-Gem is an IMA artwork that is currently on loan to IUPUI.
  • For help: Point volunteers to resources within the Wikipedia community.
    Discussion pages of related WikiProjects, including Liam’s GLAM page (Advice for the Cultural Sector)
    Adopt-a-user program already established within Wikipedia
    Help pages, guides, policies
  • Advocacy, Education, and Action: The Wikipedia Saves Public Art Case Study

    1. 1. Advocacy, Education, and Action: The Wikipedia Saves Public Art Case Study Museum Computer Network Austin, 2010 Richard McCoy & Lori Phillips
    2. 2. Photo: IMA Photo: IndyStar Photo: IMA
    3. 3. Saver of the World’s Cultural Property
    4. 4. 1992-1994 •8,000 volunteers •Surveyed 32,000 sculptures
    5. 5. What do you think, you want to help? No, not really How about a bribe?
    6. 6. Richard, Christina Gentry, Jasmine Parsons, Aaron Renn, IMA Director Max Anderson
    7. 7. What do you think, you want to help?
    8. 8. What do you think, you want to help?
    9. 9. •IUPUI Public Art Collection Created & 100s of images of public art uploaded to Flickr •Students trained to work in the “real world” to help solve a real problem •Students learn basics of documentation: examination, description, measurement, photographic skillz •Students gain experience researching with primary sources, writing, contextualizing, and publishing their work in one of the world’s most important websites, rather than just turn it in to some teacher •Students understand Wikipedia and how information is created Results
    10. 10. Dean of Herron School of Art & Design Happy Graduate Student
    11. 11. Richard’s IMA blog post
    12. 12. •40 Articles created about public art at IUPUI •2 of the articles made to the Main Page of Wikipedia in the “Did You Know Section”Kind of a big deal •SOS! entries updated Kind of cool •Project worked to advocate for the importance of the collection: campus more engaged about its artwork •Many blog and local news stories about project, an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education More Results
    13. 13. Put it in Wikipedia with GIS and Magic Happens
    14. 14. Facebook Magic Where’s the information going next?
    15. 15. Wikipedia is so interoperable I don’t even understand it.
    16. 16. And More Results! •Wikipedia Saves Public Art Created; WSPA Resources transportable to other art projects •Currently 3 different approaches to the project: Community, Educators, and Museum—development ongoing •Members working in Milwaukee, D.C., Paris, and other cities to help document public art •Currently being used by our IUPUI Museum Studies Collections Care and Maintenance course to document 42 public artworks at the Indiana Statehouse •Truly could become the platform for documenting all of the public art in the world
    17. 17. What can WSPA do for your museum? • Lori Byrd Phillips • IUPUI Museum Studies Graduate Student, teaching assistant for the Collections Care and Management course • Developing the IMA’s E-Volunteer Program • interning as the in-house Wikipedian at The Children’s Museum • Project leader for Wikipedia Saves Public Art.
    18. 18. Does your institution have a volunteer program? Does it have an E-Volunteer program?
    19. 19. IMA E-Volunteer Page
    20. 20. Main E-Volunteer Page
    21. 21. WSPA Resources
    22. 22. And it all comes together…
    23. 23. (If you don’t have any, we’ve got some for you) Richard McCoy Lori Phillips Questions?