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5 things your CEO won’t tell you — but should


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Why haven’t you gotten that promotion or raise? Why does your boss give you extra attention, but not in the way you’d like? There are modes of behavior that are not in the employee handbook which can radically affect the way you are perceived by your CEO at work.

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5 things your CEO won’t tell you — but should

  2. 2. MIND YOUR BAD ATTITUDE RICHARD MAIZE | @RICHARD_MAIZE An employee’s work product is a huge part of what sets them apart from their coworkers. Company culture is a huge part of what creates a successful or unsuccessful environment for a business, and a person’s attitude can create a positive or negative atmosphere.
  3. 3. HONESTY VS. OVERSHARING RICHARD MAIZE | @RICHARD_MAIZE At work, there should be a certain level of friendliness but please, keep it professional, especially if you work in an industry that requires discretion. If your loose lips run amok at the watercooler, you may sink your own ship come promotion time.
  4. 4. ARE YOU BEING MICROMANAGED? THERE IS PROBABLY A GOOD REASON RICHARD MAIZE | @RICHARD_MAIZE Ask yourself honestly: have I been dropping the ball, missing deadlines, turning in sloppy work, or coming to meetings ill-prepared? If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, you may need a micromanager. Nobody wants to admit he or she is failing in their roles, but many targets of micromanagement fail to ask the aforementioned questions.
  5. 5. EMOTIONS CAN AFFECT YOUR CREDIBILITY RICHARD MAIZE | @RICHARD_MAIZE There is one surefire thing that no CEO (or anyone) enjoys in an employee: a moody, constant complainer. If your moods change with your current situation, if you get slighted easily, or if you bring every single complaint about the weather, your significant other, etc to every conversation with your CEO, you’ll start looking like the boy or girl who cried wolf.
  6. 6. YOUR BOSS ISN’T YOUR FRIEND RICHARD MAIZE | @RICHARD_MAIZE First and foremost, they are your boss — responsible for your paycheck, and your upward mobility. Your actions outside of work are just as important as how you act at work. A CEO will not groom you to be their next manager if you cannot show decorum, restraint, and grace in every circumstance and situation.