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Benefits of Leveraging CRM for Financial Advisors

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become an essential enterprise priority. Software like Salesforce financial services and Microsoft dynamics 365 financial services allow businesses to reap numerous benefits. Read More:

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Benefits of Leveraging CRM for Financial Advisors

  2. 2. Introduction CRM for Financial Advisors - Benefits  Better Customer Retention  Amplify Advisor Productivity  Speed-up Processes  Leverage 360-degree View of Customer Data Conclusion AGENDA 1 2 3 5 3
  3. 3. Financial CRM helps to mitigate associated risks, gain big wins in the profit margins, as well as unify marketing, sales, and service solutions. The growth-focused business players are therefore embracing and adopting such next-gen technologies. INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. CRM FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS - BENEFITS Better Customer Retention Amplify Advisor Productivity Speed-up Processes Leverage 360- degree View Of Customer Data
  5. 5. An interesting feature of a financial CRM is that it enables the advisors to record customer notes and personal information, thus leading to enhanced experience throughout their journey. BETTER CUSTOMER RETENTION
  6. 6. Implementation of financial CRM unifies the marketing, sales, and services efforts in one system meaning there’s no need for employees to sift through emails or check multiple platforms looking for the answer to a quick question. AMPLIFY ADVISOR PRODUCTIVITY
  7. 7. A financial CRM provides a unified view into the customer data with a single system. Any employee across the organization can easily access a customer profile to quickly get up to speed on an account. SPEED-UP PROCESSES
  8. 8. As an intelligent tool, facilitates a single view of every customer account. It keeps a track of every customer action, right from making interaction with a service offering to request more information about a certain type of loan. LEVERAGE 360-DEGREE VIEW OF CUSTOMER DATA
  9. 9. CONCLUSION One time investment in the implementation of CRM for financial advisors yields long term profits. All in all, it enables them to meet evolving customer demands as well as optimize technology investments.