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Aviation Labour Group Profile


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A brief introduction to the Aviation Labour Group

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Aviation Labour Group Profile

  2. 2. iation a our rou ecruit ent ervices:AIG is a specialised a tion labour h and crui ent company operating acrossAus , ew aland and Asia. ALG provides greater lue to clients through ourcollective erfrse in recruitment services and n ope a help u get tions.the hg decisian ht, ether u need people for the office, ht ope tians,en inee g, logistics, check-in, or the flight deck.Group strengths people to work for them. To achieve this ALG utilises one of the most up to date talent pool and applicantln recruitment there is nothing more powerful than management software systems.experience. ALG employs trained and experiencedrecruitment managers who work to help clients Partnership Approachachieve their desired recruitment outcomes. To ALG builds strong successful long-term businesssupport the recruitment managers, ALG has built partnerships with our clients based on opensystems based on the quality management standards communication, honesty, responsiveness anddesigned by International Standards Organisation professional recruitment advice and services.(lSO). ALG has also integrated the latest lnformationTechnology to manage a worldwide talent pool ready Team Cultureto access immediately. Our clients are part of our team. Together we are motivated and strive for excellence and the rightAviation Labour Groups clients gain hiring outcomes. ALG clients benefit from our peoplefrom our strengths: having a team spirit, working co-operatively to helpKnowledge & Understanding each other achieve our goals.ALG recruitment managers use their experience of Our Visionthe aviation sector, to tailor recruitment actions and To provide the most compliant recruitment and on-hireprocesses to deliver quality outcomes for clients. Our services to meet and exceed customer expectationsrecruitment process and systems establish integrated, at a competitive price.consultative relationships with clients that ensureeach part of the clients business achieves its staffinggoals. Maximise your returns on investment Making the wrong recruitment decision can beSystems & Technology expensive. Direct and indirect costs of an unsuitableALG recruitment processes are modelled on best employee can impact on business performance andpractice end to end recruitment methods. Our prof its.recruitment systems have been independently At ALG, oUr core business is aviation recruitment. Ourcertified to ISO Quality Management Systems customers maximise on their recruitment investmentstandards by Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), by partnering with ALG to get the hiring decision right.the worlds leading certification company.Using the most up to date database systems ALGensures our customers are able to choose the best
  3. 3. Service Level StandardsOur key service levels and key performanceindicators are built into our business processes.Quality underpins everything we do at Aviation LabourGroup and our off ices are fully accredited to the ISO9001 :2008 Quality Management Systems standard.Our systems ensure that effective controls areconsistently applied to our recruitment processes. Wealso monitor our performance to enable continuousprocess improvement in our service deliverystandards and customer satisfaction levels.ALG Recruitment ProcessIt is a pillar of our quality management system toensure our recruitment processes are stringentlyfollowed. ALG recruitment managers have anextensive suite of tools that support the ALGlntegrated Recruitment Solutions process. By utilisingtechnology that supports a large database andapplicant tracking system our industry experiencedrecruiters tailor a recruitment solution. Our f irst pointof difference is our talent management process. Ourpassive and active talent pools are aviation industryspecific and our people are experts in managing theend to end process based on the following model: OBTAIN CLIENT BRIEF STRATEGY DESIGN Active talent pool Passive talent Database pool Employer Branding ALG brandrng Traditional Current needs flow of Future needs candidates ALG workflow, search, screening, assessment Shortlisted candidate lnterview / Test I Fit for team Shortlisted candidate Reference / aptitude I medical checking Negotiations and notif ication of job offer EMPLOYEE
  4. 4. Step by Step Procedure 9. Negotiations & notification of final job offer 1. Obtaining client brief Most final job offers are straight forward, however sometimes there are last minute negotiations requiredOur recruitment managers have the experience to not regarding terms and conditions. ALG recruitmentonly receive a request but also intelligently discuss managers will coordinate all aspects of the job offerand offer advice and support in the compilation of to ensure a smooth negotiation process and transitioncandidates. into the workforce.2. Strategy design 10. Assisting client inductionsYour ALG recruitment manager designs the strategy To allow faster "up to speed" times ALG wiil help toand approach for the recruitment campaign to attract, deliver the clients induction and select the best talent for the crient.3. Employer branding ALG management teamCandidates will ask "what is the company like to work ALG has a focused and experienced managementfor?" Having a good answer will help to seil the job to team in the f ields of aviation and recruitment. We havecandidates a dedicated team of account managers, recruiters and trainers.4. Attracting the best talentALG attracts the right people through directmarketing, our talent pools, database searches andhead hunting worldwide.5. lnterviewingALG recruitment managers are trained in the useof Behavioural Descriptive interviewing techniques.These interviews assess the abilities of candidatesagainst the selection criteria for the job as weil asprovide an insight into their attitude and potential to fitinto the clients culture and work environment.6. Reference checkingALG recruitment managers will obtain a minimumtwo references directly from past employers on eachcandidate to verify their experience and performance.7. Aptitude or psychometric assessmentsALG delivers assessments designed to suit therequirements of each role.8. Medical/Drug screeningAll necessary medical and drug screening will becoordinated by ALG recruitment managers based onclients requirements.
  5. 5. Organ isational stren gthso All staff working for ALG are covered by: Air Transport - Public liability insurance valued at AUD$20,000,000 - Working Parties liability AUD$10,000,000 - Product and Grounding liability AUD$10,000,000o Recruitment software (Fast Track) an advanced candidate placement system to quickly place the right candidate to the open position.o Capable, committed and f lexible staff who understand customer needs. lndustry & Defenceo ALG recruitment and management staff contactable 24hrs a day, to action any requests at minimal notice.o Flexible working hours to meet individual job requirements.o Minimal administration costs.Professional memberships and networkslnsuranceQBE Aviation Limited AustraliaLega! SupportHemming and Hart LawyersAccounting SupportPKF Chartered Accountants & Business advisers