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A brief introduction to Aviation Labour Group's On-Hire Services....

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Aviation Labour Group - On Hire Services

  2. 2. AL On bour services a a flex le y to meet praduc n CernanCs byboostin yaur rkforce size e{} qu d. AL provide a sponsive and cosle cti solution. vin a flexible An *lire componcnt your workforce s citichan * in manpo r le ls and th* mtx of skril sefs qu d. Tltis ftexibility is of at lue trs rspe tional plans ich a subiect to change. The rk{arcs ALis rnana ed by dedicated hands an Account anagc{s a intera.ct with client ana €ent to efisu op e urfi s ry levels and skilt ix achiev*d. This aenables AL custa ers ta be{ r rnanago cosfs ile main inin performance levels.Take advantage Quality recruitmentALG provide aviation On Hire labour services to a The ALG recruitment team f ind the right peoplewide variety of heavy maintenance, line maintenance, through direct marketing, talent pool managementaircraft and component production facilities. Our and database search and selection using advancedclients take advantage of our responsive service and Turborecruit software. ALGs dedicated recruitmentindustry knowledge of both aviation and recruitment team vet all candidates work history, qualificationsservices. ALG operates in Australia, New Zealand, and work entitlements before submitting candidatesAsia and the Pacific. to clients for approval. Candidates are also required to provide at least two current employment referees.ALG support ALG has extensive managed labour pools developed for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.ALG specialise in providing the aviation marketwith On Hire labour staff in the following positions:Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Licensed AircraftMaintenance Engineers, Technical and QualitySupport Staff , Maintenance Planners, Clerical Staff,Storemen, Aircraft Workers and Baggage Handlers. 80 ALG flexible workforce ! nlc oN HIRE srAFF 70 CLIENT STAFF 60 Production stages represent the peaks and E troughs in Aircraft heavy maintenance, line E 50 maintenance and production. tJtitising ALG On E Hire labour can help your o 40 workforce requirements by 30 and flexibility. Acting in par organisation ALG can help 20 workforce headcount and skill mix quickly and efficiently. Our flexible service means we can act 10 quickly when requirements change to maintain an efficient workforce. 3 Production Stages
  3. 3. Overseas skills ALG provide clients operating in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with access to foreign workers through targeted visa programs for medium to long term specialised positions. These visa programs are tailor made solutions for workforce support and stability in difficult to fill positions. Candidates are extensively vetted by ALG and the lmmigration Department before they are chosen individually by clients. ALG can specifically target candidates with particular qualifications and experience on specific aircraft types. ALGs dedicated Migration Coordinator manages the full process of migration and settlement of foreign workers to the location of employment. This means that ALG clients can recruit internationally with the same input they would for local candidates. Dedicated to compliance ALG is a low risk solution to providing a project workforce with additional manpower. All On Hire workers are employed in the terms of the national industrial relations framework of the respective country of operation. ln New Zealand a business to business service agreement is made with workers agreeing on terms and conditions of an assignment. ln Australia a comprehensive assessment of each role against the applicable modern award ensures compliance with federal and state legislation. ln ALGs Australian operation employees are covered for workers compensation, taxation and superannuation liabilities. ALGs risk adverse approach is further underpinned by our public indemnity insurances for all workers.On Hire - Permanent Recruitment The best permanent recruitment is often made on a try before you buy basis. Many ALG clients recruit permanent staff from their On Hire labour force.ALG clients have the opportunity to assess the work performance and organisational fit of On Hire staff prior to deciding who will be chosen for a permanent role. This process helps mitigate significant risks ofchoosing not just the right employee but also avoidingthe wrong employee. Having direct feedback fromtheir own supervisors, clients have the opportunity tochoose which staff would be preferable for permanentroles. ALGs dedicated Account Managers willfacilitate the transfer of staff when requested ensuringa positive outcome.SafetyALG has a dedicated workplace health and safetymanager and accredited rehabilitation and return towork co-ordinator who controls all safety concerns forthe company. Our OHS policy is constantly reviewedto keep up to date with all legislative changes foreach state and territory. ALG insures all employeesagainst any injuries that may occur in the work placeand goes to lengths to ensure that employees are fullyinducted and aware of the safety requirements in allworking conditions.
  4. 4. lnsuranceAt ALG we take affirmative action to ensure allcustomers and employees are protected by thehighest standards of insurance protection. All ALGcasual employees are protected by public indemnityinsurance of up to $ZO million. ALG also hasinsurance to cover working parties liability, productand ground liability. As a low risk option in aviationALG is dedicated to ensuring all customers andemployees are fully protected.ALG management teamALG has a focused and experienced managementteam in the fields of aviation and recruitment. We havea dedicated team of account managers, recruitersand trainers.
  5. 5. Organ isational strengths Associations and membershipo All staff working for ALG are covered by: - Workers compensation in Australia and workers compensation (ACC) New Zealand. Iting - Public liability insurance valued at MEMBER Ltd (RCSA) AUD$20,000,000 - Working Parties liability AUD$10,000,000 ALG holds certification ISO - Product and Grounding liability AUD$10,000,000 9001 :2008, Quality managemento Recruitment software Fast Track - an advanced system. candidate placement system to quickly place the right candidate to the open position. Australian lndustry & Defenceo Capable, committed and f lexible staff who Network understand customer needs. Recognised supplier to theo ALG recruitment and management staff contactable Australian Department of 24hrs a day, to action any requests at minimal Defence notice.o Flexible working hours to meet individual job New Zealand requirements. Defence ndustry Association Io Minimal administration costs. Aviation lndustry AssociationProfessional memberships and networks of New ZealandlnsuranceQBE Aviation Limited AustraliaLegal SupportHemming and Hart LawyersAccounting SupportPKF Chartered Accountants & Business advisers