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New Hampshire Immigrant Integration Conference


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here in manchester getting ready to deliver keynote at new hampshire's first statewide immigration conference. Partnership for a New American Economy will be here (robert feldstein) and groups from all over the Granite State. Will be lots of fun, inspiring and looking forward to meeting everyone.

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New Hampshire Immigrant Integration Conference

  1. 1. Are We Still Afraid of Immigrants? How Immigrants Create American Jobs New Hampshire’s FirstRichard Herman Immigrant Integration Conference April 14, 2012
  2. 2. Rust Belt (my home) Is Hemorrhaging Jobs & People MICHIGAN  OHIO  Over last 10 years, lost  Over last 10 years, lost  790,000 jobs 525,000 jobs  Detroit: over last 60  Cleveland: over last 60 years, lost 50% of years, lost 60% of population (1.8 million population (950,000 to to 900,000) 396,000) (17% in 10 yrs)  Percentage of  Percentage of immigrants dropped immigrants dropped from 30% to 10% from 30% to 5%
  3. 3. Can Immigrants Help Savethe Rust Belt & U.S. Economy?
  4. 4. ….Isn’t “Immigrant” a Dirty Word?
  5. 5. 182Number 146of ShowsIncluding 74Discussionof IllegalImmigration Louin 2007 OReilly Dobbs Glenn Factor Tonight Beck
  6. 6. 52% 45%Proportions 39%of Discussionson IllegalImmigrationMentioningCrime in 2007 Lou OReilly Dobbs Glenn Factor Tonight Beck
  7. 7. Immigration and Crime FACTS San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso, and Austin Immigrant Incarceration Rates are one-fifththe incarceration rates of people born in the U.S.
  8. 8. We don’t talk aboutimmigrants as the Dream- Keepers, the Job- Creators, the Bedrock of Family-Values, the ENGINE that makes America work!
  9. 9. A New Local/National Movement: Welcoming Immigrants to Spur Economic GrowthChicago Mayor‟sOffice for NewAmericansGlobal Philly
  10. 10. Immigrant-Founded Companies Compiled by Richard Herman,
  11. 11. USA: Immigrants Driving the New Economy & Urban Revitalization* Immigrants twice as likely as native-born to start a business; * Immigrants founded more than 50% of the high-tech companies in Silicon Valley; * Immigrants are more likely to earn an advanced degree, invent something, and be awarded a U.S. patent;
  12. 12. 7 of 10 most valuable brands in theworld were created by U.S. immigrants or children of U.S. immigrantsFord Google IntelGE Budweiser Home DepotAT&T McDonald’s U.S. SteelBoeing IBM DowDisney Kraft UPSApple Procter & Gamble Estee LauderHertz Levi’s DuPontPfizer Bank of America Heinz
  13. 13. Immigrants Start Companies & Create Jobs* 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or child of an immigrant* These companies employ 10 million people worldwide, and generate $4,200,000,000,000 in revenue per year 2011 study by Partnership for a New American Economy
  14. 14. In 2012, with the Rust Belt & U.S. economy stuck in first gear, it’s time weremember…… to drive the economy …..FAST
  15. 15. we welcome the job-creators
  16. 16. When it comes to jobgrowth, STARTUPcompanies aren’teverything……..they’re the ONLYTHING!
  17. 17. So WHO are behind the startups in America?
  18. 18. STARTUPS:New employment paradigm• ALL net job creation in America over last 25 years comes from STARTUPS --- creating 40 million new jobs• New Firms add an average of 3 million jobs in first year• Older companies lost 1 million jobs annually • --- Kauffman Foundation
  19. 19. The venture capitalists know a deal when they see one * 25 % O F A L L P U B L I C , V E N T U R E - BACKED FIRMS IN U.S. FOUNDED BY IMMIGRANTS * A D D H I G H T E C H L A B E L , P E R C E N TA G E INCREASES TO 40% * MARKET CAP OF $500 BILLION --- PUBLIC, VENTURE BACKED I M M I G R A N T C O M PA N I E S
  20. 20. “To immigrate is anentrepreneurial act” --Ed Roberts, Founder MIT Entrepreneurship Center
  21. 21. Immigrants Are Driving U.S. Innovation* Immigrants filing patents at twice rate of American- born.* Immigrant patent filings: 72% Qualcomm, 65% Merck, 64% GE, 60% Cisco
  22. 22. Immigrants Can Drive Exports Research in Sweden demonstrates that a 10 percent increase in immigrant population was linked to a 6 percent increase in bilateral trade with the immigrants‟ home country.
  23. 23. Intl Students Who Stay = Jobs for U.S.For every 100 international students whostay after earning U.S. advanced degreesin science, technology, engineering ormath a CREATE 262 JOBS IN AMERICA 2011 Study by American Enterprise Institute & Partnership for New American Economy:
  24. 24. Foreign Students in New Hampshire, National Rank and Economic Impact Rank in US Total FOREIGN STUDENTS IN NH #42 2,626 +12.6% ESTIMATED FOREIGN STUDENTS EXPENDITURE IN $86.8 NH (in millions of dollars)Percent of Foreign Student’s in STEM Fields of Study: 36.1%Percent of U.S. Undergraduate Student’s in STEM Fields of Study: 13.7% NH Institutions with the Highest Number of Foreign Students Institution City Total Dartmouth College Hanover 1,106 S. New Hampshire University S. Hooksett 837 University of NH Durham 326 New England College Henniker 142
  25. 25. How About UndocumentedWorkers & Lower Skilled Jobs? * Undocumented Workers Negatively Impact U.S. Worker Wages by 0.15 % ---less than 2/10 of of 1% U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta * E a c h L o we r- S k i l l e d , N o n - A g Wo r k e r i n S h o r t a g e O c c u p a t i o n c re a t e s 4 . 6 American Jobs. Partnership New American Economy
  26. 26. Immigrants largelycompliment, notdisplace, American-bornworkforce.Immigrant workers usuallywork in high-skilled or lowerskilled jobs, where U.S. has ashortage of workers.Today, there are about 3million unfilled jobs inAmerica
  27. 27.  2.8 Million BusinessesLatino-  $400 Billion in AnnualOwned RevenueBusiness  $65 Billion in Payroll  2.2 Million Employeesin USA
  28. 28. $1.5 trillion added to GDP in next 10 years….If we legalize the 11 millionundocumented persons in U.S. Study at UCLA, 2010
  29. 29. Immigrants have created millions of jobs for Americans, and will create millions more….if we let them --- in advanced manufacturing, clean energy, biotech, advanced materials, exports….
  30. 30. U.S. Immigration & Its Job-Creation Capacity: BROKEN
  31. 31. Immigration Policy Is Not Aligned withNation‟s Economic Development NeedsDiscriminate Against Highly Skilled. Of1 Million Green Cards issued per year, only 4-5% or given to highly skilled (advanceddegreed) or investor immigrants Malawi = India (nationality quotas: each country allocated 7% of employment based green cards per year, regardless of their nation’s population)
  32. 32. These quotas are nearly 60 years old ----- they have norelationship with the needs of America’s New Economy
  33. 33. Skilled immigrants, many of whom want to start their own company in the U.S., have to wait up to 8 years for a Green Card
  34. 34. We treat them like DIRT,instead of the GOLDEN- JOB-CREATORS!
  35. 35. So, they are leaving (or not coming at all)First time in U.S. history----- reverse brain drain, over100,000 high skilled immigrants are expected to leave the U.S. in next 10 years
  36. 36. +
  37. 37. What part of“legal immigration is #!@x^#!-ed up”don’t they understand?
  38. 38. Canada and other countries are coming to U.S. soil to recruit our disgruntled high-skillimmigrants, offering them fast-track citizenship, jobs, and business support
  39. 39. They see new opportunity intheir home countries, or arewelcomed in other countries
  40. 40. This is what NYC Mayor Bloomberg calls:“National Suicide.”
  41. 41. And not just PhDimmigrants ----- all hard- working immigrants with a dream. It’s all connected.
  43. 43. “The richest regions arethose with the highestproportion of immigrants.” President’s Commission on Immigration, 1953
  44. 44. Want to Win? Build the mostpowerful teams on the planet (just like NBA)
  45. 45. The Staple Act
  46. 46. The Dream Act
  47. 47. Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES PASSED BILL 389 TO 15 NOVEMBER 29, 2011
  48. 48. Republican-Sponsored Bill: “BRAIN Act”U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, Arkansas (R)
  49. 49. Talent is theNew Oil.Drill, Baby, Drill!
  50. 50. * Immigration Enforcement is not the top-tier, hot button issue * 72% are open to allowing intl studentsPoll of educated in U.S. to enter workforce after graduationLikely IowaRepublican * 64% open to streamlining process for employers to hire unfilled seasonalCaucus and permanent jobsMembers * 71% open to increasing opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs move to U.S. to start a new business
  51. 51. Frank Luntz pollster & author “What Americans Really Want”“We all agree that current immigration system is broken”“Tall Fences, Wide Gates”
  52. 52. “World Is Flat” Guy, Tom Friedman “Pour into the America the most diverse, smart and energetic immigrants from every corner of the world and the stir and repeat, stir and repeat, stir and repeat.”
  53. 53. It’s important that weunderstand WHY so manyAmericans fear and loathe the new immigrants
  54. 54. America’s Demographics Are A-Changin’* Last decade, 85% of population increase from racial & ethnic minorities* 1 out of 7 new marriages are interracial
  55. 55. * Young whites (under 18) are the minority in 10 states, including Arizona* By 2021, the majority of children 4 and under will be minority* By 2042, the majority of all Americans will be minority
  56. 56. “Iam concerned by the majority’s attempt to manufacture tension between African- Americans and immigrant communities. It seems as though they would likeMarch 1, 2011, Rep. for our communities toEmanuel Cleaver (D- think about immigrationMO), Congressional in terms of „us versusBlack Caucus them,‟ and I reject that notion.”
  57. 57. The intercultural approach goes beyondequal opportunities and respect forexisting cultural differences, to thepluralist transformation of publicspace, civic culture and institutions.So it does not recognize culturalboundaries as fixed but as in a state offlux and remaking
  58. 58. Putting Out the Welcome Mat -Building the “Intercultural City”-Abandoning practice of segregated diversity Our Future Is in the “Mix”
  59. 59. We Are All Immigrants
  60. 60. Nearly 2/3 of America is an immigrant, achild or grandchild of an immigrant, or married to an immigrant
  61. 61. some came to these shoresvoluntarily……..some did not
  62. 62. It’s in our DNAwe are strivers and survivors
  63. 63. Key to Success:“think like an immigrant” Omid Kordestani
  64. 64. 7 Steps to “thinking like an immigrant”1.) Explore the world. Become a “Marco Polo.” (get out of yourcomfort zone)2.) Education. Take more classes! Regardless of your age or stage inlife, never forget that your “inner immigrant” craves life-long educationand reveres education as an asset than can never be taken away from you.3.) Honor Parents‟ Sacrifice. “Honor thy father and thymother.” Honor their sacrifice with every step you take toward yourdream. Leverage this motivation --- fulfill your moral duty to achievesuccess.
  65. 65. 7 Steps to “thinking like an immigrant4.) Collaborate & Team-Up. Find the best partners. You can’t do italone. Find the very best partner (often this will be an immigrant) andteam-up. Look to groups like TiE, HYSTA, Techwadi.5.) Take Risk. Make some big bets in your business and professionalcareer. Immigrant business success has a lot to do with high risktolerance.6.) Embrace Desperation. Act like you have nothing to fall back on,and work like your life depends on it. Convince yourself that your savingsaccount is empty, and that your daily work offers the only hope of survival.Eat what you kill!7.) Dream. And dream big!
  66. 66. Want Jobs?Tap theImmigrantDividendWelcome theJob-Creators by For More Info:Changing  www.ImmigrantInc.comPerceptions &ReformingImmigrationLaw
  67. 67. Good Luck