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Conference Call Etiquette


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Conference Call Etiquette

  1. 1. Conference Call Etiquette Rules & Expectations for Conference Call Administrators & Participants
  2. 2. Introduction Conference calls are part of every business persons’ daily experience. However, not everyone clearly understands the rules and the expectations of those participating in a conference call. This will define and clarify those rules and expectations, for the conference call administrator as well as the participants.
  3. 3. Conference Call Administrator  Before the Conference Call  Arrive prior to the beginning of the call  Direct and manage the call  Provide clear directions to participants  Distribute any required materials
  4. 4. Conference Call Administrator  At the Beginning of the Conference Call  Announce the call is being recorded  Start on time  Facilitate introductions if necessary  Review the agenda  Remind participants of the rules of the call
  5. 5. Conference Call Administrator  During the Conference Call  Keep the discussion on track  Ensure attendees are participating  Keep track of topics to be discussed later  Record all action items and due dates
  6. 6. Conference Call Administrator  At the End of the Conference Call  End the call on time  Summarize the call  Thank everyone for attending/participating  Inform participants you will provide them with the link to the recording, notes, action items, etc.
  7. 7. Conference Call Administrator  After the Conference Call  Prepare the call summary  Send summary, recording link to all invitees (not just those who attended)
  8. 8. Conference Call Participants  Be ready to join the call 5-10 minutes early  Be on time joining the call  Notify the administrator if you will be late, have to leave early, or will not be able to give your presentation  Identify yourself when you speak  Participate in the call  Be polite, don’t interrupt  Take notes  Mute your phone when not speaking
  9. 9. Summary  Administrator:  Set the agenda  Manage the call  Record the call and take notes  Keep the call on track  Summarize at the end  Participants:  Be on time, be polite, be attentive and participate  If you must leave early or will be late, notify the administrator in advance  Try to avoid disrupting the call as much as possible when you leave early or join late
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