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the University and alienated knowledge production

  1. Richard Hall ¦ @hallymk1 ¦ ¦
  2. Categorical critique: beyond differences; what is common among us The hopelessness of labour: mistaking manifestations for the cause A poetic synthesis: connecting contemporary Marxism with the literature of feminism, (de)colonialism, identity politics
  3. The material production of knowledge for-value, surplus, wealth Common sense knowledge and/as certainty/performance: KEF; REF; TEF Epistemic power, monocultures and (de)legitimisation
  4. Alienation erupts from the disconnection between political economy and human richness a conscious and qualitative lack of agency or autonomy, where ongoing, systemic exploitation and dispossession are… reproduced by the individual who has to submit through a lack of power-over her own social reproduction
  5. the academic becomes complicit in protecting her labour- power, and seeking to enhance its value in the market. marginalises or silences those who are unable to recalibrate their practice against discourses of excellence and impact, and whose labour-power is not permanently accessible to capital, for instance because they are carers, mothers, disabled or in working poverty.
  6. to define a new anti-productive environment: ecologies Against self-harming activities of the academic peloton: monocultures To define an alternative form of intellectual work: social metabolic control The struggle for dignity is the struggle for a new form of revolutionary pedagogy at the level of society.
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