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The practicalities and pedagogies of adult learning co-operatives: the case of Leicester Vaughan College


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Presentation at the SCUTREA2018 conference on Lifelong Learning and the Pedagogy of Hope

Published in: Education
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The practicalities and pedagogies of adult learning co-operatives: the case of Leicester Vaughan College

  1. 1. The practicalities and pedagogies of adult learning co-operatives: the case of Leicester Vaughan College Richard Hall ¦ @hallymk1 ¦ ¦ Malcolm Noble ¦ @malcolmjnoble ¦
  2. 2. authoritarian managerialism: autonomy and accountability human capital theory markets and money: cognitive dissonance discourses of productivity, excellence, entrepreneurship and impact declining participation by mature learners, part-time study academic, professional service staff and student ill-being
  3. 3. A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically- controlled enterprise. International Co-operative Alliance (n.d.). Cooperative identity, values & principles.
  4. 4. Values Principles Self-help Self-responsibility Democracy Equality Equity Solidarity Voluntary and Open Membership Democratic Member Control Member Economic Participation Autonomy and Independence Education, Training and Information Co-operation among Co-operatives Concern for Community
  5. 5. • Leicester Vaughan College: a new kind of institution in an established tradition: Lower fees, no VCs; • civic-facing education to working people in Leicester (1862); • skills for leisure and interest, as well as work; • joins UoL in 20th Century; • Vaughan College closed; disestablishment of Centre as academic Department (2013/16); • re-founded as a Community Benefit Society (2017).
  6. 6. LVC Community Benefit Society Objects •education as a public good •a broad range of students from diverse communities •fully-accredited, face-to-face, part-time learning open to anyone •benefits communities in addressing the challenges faced by society •support an equitable and sustainable working context •reflect local needs, and our local and economic context •an alternative model of HE pedagogy over profit.
  7. 7. Introductory Counselling Courses Humanities courses Interdisciplinary courses Counselling CPD HE Cert Counselling * HE Cert Human Culture and History HE Cert Social Sciences HE Cert Drug and Alcohol Counselling HE Cert Heritage and Conservation HE Cert Psychology and Counselling DIP Counselling DIP Human Culture and History DIP Social Sciences DIP Drug and Alcohol Counselling DIP Psychology and Counselling BA Counselling (top up) BA Human Culture and History BSc Social Sciences MA Counselling MA Society and Culture
  8. 8. Learning about the co-operative movement • Studying co-operation explicitly across disciplines • Co-operative studies within a discipline • Embedding co-operative learning Co-operative pedagogy: student-as-producer The Co-operative as a site of pedagogic production
  9. 9. Against what the University has become democracy into/through the curriculum inter-disciplinarity/beyond the discipline uncover alienated-labour and its mediations less harmful conditions of production
  10. 10. the real intellectual wealth of the individual depends entirely on the wealth of [her] real connections. Only this will liberate the separate individuals… Bring them into practical connection with the production (including intellectual production) of the whole world and make it possible for them to acquire the capacity to enjoy this all-sided production of the whole earth Marx and Engels (1846/1998). The German Ideology, p. 59.
  11. 11. @VaughanCoop Leicester Vaughan College Limited, c/o Leicester Adult Education College, Belvoir Street, Leicester LE1 6QL. Registered with the FCA as a Community Benefit Society no 7622. A member of Co-ops UK M045624. UK Register of Learning Providers: UKPRN 10067087
  12. 12. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.