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Decolonising DMU: Building the Anti-racist University

  1. Decolonisation Forum Cardiff Lucy Ansley, Hardeep Basra and Richard Hall @DecolonisingDMU
  2. Decolonising DMU: Some context Beyond the sector BAME Awarding Gap: whole institution • Freedom to Achieve 2017-2019 • Decolonising DMU launch November 2019 • 5 strands: student; staff; institution; Library; research/evaluation • 4 commitments: equality of education and research; progression, talent and representation; governance and accountability; and understanding culture and behaviour. Racial Disparities amplified • COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter • Conversations about White Privilege/Fragility • Real action and change: the anti-racist University
  3. What Decolonising means to the DMU Community
  4. Data Collection • Staff Stakeholder Survey (Spring 2021) – 214 participants • Student Stakeholder Survey (Spring 2021) – 85 participants • DDMU Team Journals (ongoing) – 19 entries • Staff interviews – 14 participants • Engagement in surveys significantly impacted by Covid. • Ethical review obtained.
  5. Key Findings Decolonisation is: • A challenge to where we are now • The moral, ethical thing to do • Rethinking the university • Transformational thinking • Catering for all • Reducing racial disparity • Increasing racial literacy for all • Addressing the attainment gap
  6. Key Findings Decolonisation is: • Impossible within neo-colonial structures • Impossible within our extant, wider society • Cosmetic • Divisive terminology • Problematic for some Black/of colour students and staff (tokenistic, not trusted) • Problematic for some white students/staff (stuck in the past, white working class)
  7. Key Findings Anti-racism Decolonising Daily approach Long term strategy Personal Institutional Local Global Challenging Unlearning Behaviour change Culture change The goal The process Policy and structure change Curriculum change
  8. A working position DDMU at the intersection of plural, material histories • Defining decolonising: dignity of difference • Diversify the syllabus, canon, curriculum, infrastructure and staff • Decentre knowledge and knowledge production away from the global North • Devalue hierarchies and revalue relationality • Diminish some voices and opinions that have predominated, and magnify those that have been unheard The Working position is available here.
  9. •Recognising that more needs to be done to challenge (disrupt) our pedagogic practices beyond the realms of inclusive practice. •It challenges existing scholarship of learning and teaching and pedagogic approaches claiming HEIs are reinforcing whiteness through knowledge, norms and behaviours which does not fully prepare academics to consider anti-racist practices or the impact of their teaching on diverse students. •To get new teachers in HE to conceptualise and position their teaching as truly inclusive and to consider anti-racist approaches to learning and teaching. Decolonising the PGCAP
  10. How? Explicit embedding of the Decolonising DMU project in the PGCAP curriculum •Decolonising the curriculum (what you teach) •Decolonising learning & teaching approaches (how you teach) Revising the reading list •Critical race theory •Critical pedagogy •Authors of the global South
  11. Model of Decolonisation
  12. DDMU Toolkit Empowering new academics to understand their teaching practice in the context of the DDMU project through development of a toolkit. • Expert and Advisory Group created • Different topic/themes identified • Academic and Professional Services Staff involved • Range of resources created
  13. T: @DecolonisingDMU E: DDMU Resources/Publications DDMU Podcast