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Covid-19 and the idea of the University


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My speed lecture at DMU's, Research and the COVID-19 crisis - International Day of Education event. See:

The idea of the University is being challenged at the intersection of crises, including those of finance and epidemiology. As a result, the public value of the University is continually questioned. This talk will uncover how, at the intersection of crises, those who labour in universities might recover their historical agency, and reimagine higher learning.

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Covid-19 and the idea of the University

  1. 1. Covid-19 and the idea of the University Professor Richard Hall @hallymk1 //
  2. 2. What is the purpose of the University, and of intellectual work*, inside a collective way of living that is becoming more efficiently unsustainable? * undertaken by students, professional services’ staff and academics, but also in society-at-large.
  3. 3. Institutional associations shaped in relation to crises of economic value
  4. 4. Yet C-19 represents wider crises of humane meaning in the University
  5. 5. C-19 and a new shock doctrine
  6. 6. • The University appears emblematic of the collapse of the symbolic power of humans to reimagine the world. • The apparent inability of the University to address crises other than in relation to value. • Inside highly competitive environments, vulnerability tends to shape a deeper relationship between defeat, entrapment and depression. Is another University possible?